Dianette, Contraceptives and other Emotional Challenges!

Do you know any woman who is on contraceptives? If yes, do you know if the woman has any history with DVT and is taking Dianette? Recently, I read an article in Marie Claire about Dianette and how a young woman died of DVT while she was looking forward to taking up the role of a mother. Contraceptive pills come with a good number of side effects, which are considered mild or serious based on the impact. If it can lead to DVT, i.e. deep vein thrombosis or blood clots in plain English; or breast cancer then the pill is re-considered, otherwise migraine, nausea, tender breasts etc. are considered easier to handle.

Some women have posted how they gained weight, became moody, depressed and kept crying all day long while they were on contraceptives. Some get used to them, some change the pill and some give up. I wonder if it’s all worth it. Sex is for sure a very significant part of life. It’s as significant as companionship, respect, understanding and love. May be more than that for some. Hence, ensuring that you can enjoy the act without the fear of getting pregnant is as important. When you are not ready to be a mother, you are not ready! With due respect to the child one must not just take risk, act casual and do it. Thus, some couples go in for contraceptives.

Contraceptives or no contraceptives are a personal choice. However, if the man is cooperating and stands up to it, the women do not need to take contraceptives. There are higher risks involved for women above thirty five, even higher for the ones who smoke and much higher for the ones who are overweight. Some pills, Dianette for instance can be life threatening. Generally it’s advised for acne treatment and it works quite well. There are number of good reviews on how this was effective in acne cure and hence women started using it as contraceptives too.

Contraceptives can ir-regulate one’s menstrual cycles, decrease sex drive & eventually control birth. It can also lead to tender breasts, DVT, rise in blood pressure, gall stones, disturbance with liver function, breast cancer and much more.

I was once talking to one of my colleagues. She was on contraceptive injections. She would go each month and get injections. She once mentioned how her menstrual cycles were now dependent on the injections. If she doesn’t take injections on time, it’s quite irregular. Then once she forgot to take the injections and then conceived. They went ahead with the child, however, I know from some family incidents that women undergo abortion when they do not want the child. Abortions have a serious impact on women at an emotional level. One of my aunts could not bear the trauma and she did not conceive again. Some women do go through Post Abortion Syndrome (and here), however, not each and every doctor believes or agrees to it. It does vary from woman to woman. However, still as per my mum’s own experience it’s not the best thing to do. In yesteryears women would abort and even today they continue to do so. The body is not ready. It’s in the mode of bearing a child unless a miscarriage happens. Abortion is miscarriage however un-naturally. The whole process is psychologically depressing as well.

Women are tender, gentle and vulnerable. Women need your love, care, affection, respect and yes sexual satisfaction as well. However, please be responsible as a man. Do understand what complications are involved if you take a not so calculated step in your relationship or one night stand. If, a woman is pregnant you are equally involved in the act. Step up, accept it and stand by the lady. She needs you. Her future needs you. If you cannot be by her side because you are scared, just visualize what all she may have to go through if she aborts. If she is on contraceptives, only so that you have the complete pleasure she may suffer migraines, life threatening diseases such as DVT, high blood pressure and even breast cancer. Exercise your man-hood. Get a hood for your man and let your woman breathe easy. Show her that you love her, respect her and you want her to be healthier so that she can be the mother of your child when you both are ready.

Chintan Gupta

A human, a woman and a writer! She loves everything extravagant and exaggerated. She is petite with not-so-petite dreams. She works for money and write to live. All-in-all, a woman with a strong opinion and fire inside! You can follow her on Twitter @TheTeenagerSoul