Did Jet play a ‘layoff’ game?

The recent layoff and re-instatement of sacked workforce by Jet Airways may be a big game played by the Jet chief, Mr.Naresh Goyal.Mr.Goyal is a very shrewd businessman. It would be foolish to think that he didn’t know that his initial order of layoff will not create widespread agitation. He may have envisaged that this step would be met very badly by employees, media and political parties, especially in view of the upcoming elections and the current falling Sensex.

After this fire and hire drama, Mr.Goyal is now a very strong contender in requesting for lowering of aviation taxes and fuel cost. The government cannot reject his appeal now; else it would appear to be the sole reason for sacking of employees that Jet may do in future.

It is widely rumored that powerful politicians have stakes in Jet. This indicates the apparent nexus of politicians and Jet, who may have stage-managed the recent layoff drama, and subsequent relaxations that could follow in the interest of the company.

Jet now gets every right to bargain for lower taxes. Also, the ministry will become helpless and will have to lower them to save the thousands of employees from being sacked again.

It is such a win-win situation.

It remains to be seem what happens next. If the ministry does succumb, we would be witnesses to Mr.Goyal’s astuteness as a businessman and nexus of government and private sector which fools the citizens, yet becomes idealized as a symbol of kindness and compassion.
Shobit Garg

[Image Source: http://flickr.com/photos/smartjunco/344551348/]