Diets, Diets and Diets!

Atkins, South Beach, GM, Mayo Clinic, Scarsdale, Ketogenic…grrr.

For someone who wants to tame their burgeoning waistline, being spoiled for choice is NOT a good thing. However, humans being humans have thoroughly exploited yet another weak spot of over 23 percent of the world population. At a time when a Size 6 is scoffed at, it comes as no surprise that everyone is running after the latest fad diet that promises to make them, “lose 20 kilos in 20 days with no side effects!” And hope springs eternal so each and every new diet is lapped up even though deep down, we know that it is not going to work.


The fact of the matter remains that the very concept of a diet seems to be based on an incorrect principle. We all know and envy that thin, skinny friend of ours who maintains that same amazing figure no matter what he/she eats. On the other hand, one Maharaja Mac with extra cheese and bam! We increase a size. This highlights the obvious difference in people’s metabolisms. So what prevents this difference from manifesting itself when a person is on a diet?


I feel that most of these diets are a short and fraudulent ways of getting our bodies back into shape. They preach a sudden change in a person’s eating habits which are bound to reduce weight in the short run. Their effectiveness is studied on a limited group of people and then they are marketed to the whole world as a weight reducing measure. They preach the same diet plan in the same quantities and expect the whole world, irrespective of different races, to react in the same positive manner to the diet.


If we think about it, we will realize that losing weight is a completely personalized experience and is based on human nature. Because in the end, it is not only about reducing in terms of kilos, but about getting the body balanced. Any person who is not of a healthy weight has a physical imbalance in their body and to balance this out, a blend of healthy and controlled eating, physical, as well as mental exercise, is required. This requires a lot of effort and does not merely constitute dieting for a year of two. It involves a complete change in lifestyle.


There can be many ways in which I think that this problem can be tackled. Firstly, we need to get a mind into the ‘zone’, so to speak. We need to mentally prepare and strengthen ourselves for the change that we are going to impose upon our body. Secondly, we need to sit down and plan our daily food intake. This can be done with the help of a dietician or on our own, with the help of books. We need to take our personal needs and reactions to different foods into consideration. Thirdly, we need to get started on a routine. This may involve the physical as well as dietary part. This is the part where most of us falter.


Thus, it is important to have someone with us throughout this time. It can either be a personal trainer who can guide us to do things in the right way. Or it can be a very persistent friend who we know wont give up, no matter how irritatingly we behave. This and a generous dose of hard work, persistence and a never-say-die attitude is all we require to reach our destined kilogram!Jokes apart, I feel this is an ideal way to start off the balancing of your body and a result of leading this healthy lifestyle will be the loss of weight.


In conclusion, I would like to say that our body is a very intelligent being. I feel that it is imperative for us to listen to our body’s signals and act appropriately. Blindly following a diet is going to get us nowhere. If we really want to lose weight and remain in that state, we need to work much harder and in a more wholesome manner.


Anita Dhillon

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