The movie comes as an exhilarating experience through the bedrooms of the young couples settled in the metro cities. The story is based on the lives of two couples, Samit (Irfan Khan) and Meeta (Soha Ali Khan), and Rishi (Rahul Bose) and Simi (Konkona Sen Sharma).

While Samit and Meeta are a couple on the verge of a mutual separation, Rishi and Simi seem to be a happily settled couple in the beginning.

Post marital boredom compels Samit to venture out and date his aerobics instructor Kaya (Payal Rohatagi). His desire to try out new things takes him to the extent of trying out female lingerie! On the other hand, Meeta is introduced to a good looking lonesome bachelor, Veer (Rahul Khanna), by her friend Simi.

Rishi and Simi seem to be more content with their marriage, although both of them equally wish to try out new relationships. While Rishi is infatuated to his student Raga (Saba Azad), Simi regrets the fact that she introduced Meeta to Veer.

Things heat up when both the couples look beyond their relationships and the unexpected happens. After the interval, the movie becomes quite predictable, although due to the narration, the humour remains intact throughout. The actors share their inner feelings and thoughts with the camera, giving the movie a somewhat new look. Thus, even the cinematography is undoubtedly commendable and different. As his directorial debut, Anil Senior seems to be successful in giving the screenplay a spicy get up by giving very prominent characters (especially Kaya!)

The second half of the movie almost sends you laughing on the floor with Kaya’s unmanageable tantrums, and Samit’s realization that an intellectual partner is always a better choice! The irony hits you when Simi herself gets married to Veer and Samit and Meeta get back together as a couple. Simi shows traits of a typical bickering feminine; who constantly compares her life with Meeta’s and finally manages to get Veer when Meeta gets back to her husband.

Saba Azad who seems to have done justice to her role, is pretty confident. While Rahul Bose and Irfan Khan have done their considerable share in making the audience laugh, Soha Ali Khan seems much more comfortable in this role of an independent married working woman. Konkona Sen Sharma capably highlights the negative traits in her somewhat ‘motherly’ character by the end of the movie that adds up to the hilarity .

One thing the movie assures you is that you will not stop laughing throughout the movie except during the interval!

The script seems to be the weaker part of the movie, since there is a lack of continuation of the events. In some places, the scenes seem pretty random.

Depicting sex lives of couples on screen would seem to be a taboo, but the trend is changing now. Although lacking in script, the rich performances and diligent screenplay would probably make this movie leave a mark in the genre of the new age adult comedy flicks.

Medha Mukherjee

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