Disco Lasers

“Disco lasers are cool,

Disco lasers are nice!

Disco lasers turn on the groove,

Disco lasers turn the dance floor into paradise.”

Disco lasers are one of the newest obsessions out there today. Replacing the disco mirror balls from the 70’s, disco lasers add an entirely new dimension to the party. With smoke and UV lights, and intoxicating beats reverberating, the disco lasers and dance lasers can get you high on the pulse of the party. With young people radiating energy and basking under the spectrum of the disco lasers, dancing in a trance and freeing their minds of worry and pain. In a carefree atmosphere with Hathor’s children worshipping the music of the night, filling the air with attraction, beauty, intoxication, celebration and joy. Living for today, leaving behind their emotional burdens flying high into a paradise of complete freedom of body, mind and soul. People tune the brains limbic system to give them emotions of extreme happiness only. An infectious mass hysteria.

With thoughts of selfish pleasure, greed and mutual dislike growing, with acts of primal violence and degeneration of humanity, the need to release one’s self into the power of the music becomes not just a way to shaking off excess baggage but a necessity of the mind to reach a state of optimum functioning. Disco laser lights, like brilliant paintbrushes paint a picture of ineffable magnificence on the canvas of the dance floor signifying the struggle of life and the power to break free from the bonds of society and responsibilities of un-utopian life, which forcefully cripples you beyond repair.

When you buy disco lasers, you aren’t buying just another product. You are buying yourself a piece of freedom, you are giving yourself the power to let go and re-connect with the true power that governs our souls. You are giving yourself the power to be you.