The media was too busy in real stories about Kapil Sibbal curbing the freedom of expression, Anna Hazare’s Lokpal, Ganguly-Greg-Gang-war, Anil Kapoor playing Mr India in Mission Impossible and celebrating 100th Anniversary of saddi Dilli, so who had the time to write about yet another rape in the city?

Yes, it happened once again. And this time, it was a seven year old kid whose childhood is ruined. The poor kid, is maybe, scarred for life. All this suffering, just because a maniac, who should have been in an asylum, was roaming around freely, disguised as an uncle, or a neighbour, or a cousin. She lost her childhood to an unscrupulous man, who is unfit to live in a society and should be not spared for what he has done to an innocent child.

For everyone else, except for the traumatized girl, it is the same old story, which keeps on repeating, only with a new victim each time. Women like me, read about it, think about it, and then comfortably forget about it, somehow, believing that it can never happen to them. And the mad men roam around us, with an eye for each and every detail, patiently waiting, to strike again. No one knows, who the prey would be, this time.

It is an irony that, with so many incidents happening in her capital city, India still doesn’t have the right laws to deal with rapists. Most of them get away easily after committing the horrendous crime. Most of the cases aren’t even reported. Delhi Police does a fantabulous job, of limiting the number of rape cases, in the city, by refusing to report them at all. And the ones which are somehow reported make sure an unending suffering for the already victimised soul. The cries of women go un-noticed in this country, and the rapists find some or the other way, to escape, in most scenarios. In the rare occasion, that they are caught, the punishment is just seven years of imprisonment, for scarring another soul, for her entire life. Women’s organisations have been demanding capital punishment for the atrocious crime, for years, which in my opinion is the only apt punishment for a rapist. But we don’t have any such law as yet, maybe because safety of women in the country is never an election issue.

While we were going gaga about celebrating a century of years of Delhi being the capital of the nation, we all contentedly forgot that Delhi is also the rape-capital of the nation, or maybe the entire world. Today, no woman feels safe in dilwalo ki Dilli. I can’t seem to find an answer to the question that why is Delhi so favourable a city, for the rapists? Why Delhi?

At the end, each story has a distressed girl, who would, now, think twice before stepping out of her home. We run campaigns, for saving the girl-child but the point to ponder is, are our cities safe enough for the girl-child? Are we offering her the right environment to grow up or she would grow up (or not?) to suffer the agony so many other women have gone through? Are we saving the girl child, for the known or unknown man, who can ruin her life and shatter her heart and spirit?

Akansha Dureja