Distance Education Universities

Distance education universities around the world have redefined the way people are being educated these days. The distance education universities offer a diverse variety of courses which are the same as the courses offered in the regular institutions. The only difference between a regular university and the distance education universities is that the students can avail the course from home. It has a few some advantages and a few disadvantages too. One of the major advantage of studying from distance education universities is that a person can get a degree while working or is not able to attend college for some other reason. The in-hand degree offered by the distance education universities has the same value as any other regular college. The only disadvantage is that when a person comes across a problem from the course material that he or she is not able to solve, they have to find a solution on their own terms. It is thus extremely important to enroll in renowned and recognized distance education universities.
The process of enrolling in one of these distance education universities is very simple. Though there are a few distance education universities who take a test and call for a personal round of interview before a student can use the facility of distance learning, most of the other distance education universities just ask for the 10th and 12th mark sheet and their preferred subject. With the advent of internet, the distance education universities manage everything online. The student either receives books from the university or can go online and get all the study material from the concerned university’s site.

There are plenty of distance education universities in India, but it would not be safe to trust every one of them, as some tend to fool the students just to make money out of them. Amongst the reliable and renowned distance education universities, we have, Indira Gandhi national Open University, Annamalai University, Sikkim Manipal University etc.