Diversified wings

crow.JPGJust try observing the crows in your locality. Are they satisfied with the meal you are feeding them? Every morning, my mother persuades me to perform the holy act of feeding the crows before I assuage my own hunger. What I am supposed to do is to feed them with the snacks which I eat along with my bed tea. No bird’s food, no water; all that they desire in the fresh chilly morning are refreshments. The diversified wings have developed their own taste.

We are making them adaptable to this contemptible change, besides feeding them with some healthy food sometimes. Providing them with snacks and other fast food will lead to a failure in protecting our valuable species as it is not good for their health.

At present, the crows exist in abundance but let us not take them for granted. They also exist on this planet with a right to be protected and survive. Some day we all will die and we would not be there to perform the holy act of feeding them. The chief motto is not to perform our rituals but to make them live in a better way. Our rituals do not play an important role when we wish to do something for the society. The problem is that we make a predisposition that others will do so for the society and that we donot need to do it ourselves. The person debarring himself/herself will make endless excuses of what other good deeds he/she has done.

If this is our reaction towards our nature, then I hate to say that the fluttering voice in the morning would not be heard to awake you. Crows are an important resource. Perhaps we do not realize their importance right now, but one day their non-existence will speak for itself. That day, we would not be left with an opportunity to be apologetic because at present we have that opportunity.

Shooting off the target in the present times would lead to ‘A no target zone’ in the future.

An appropriate plan has to be carved out.
A way by which we can protect crows from becoming an extinct specie is starting a good chain of awareness so that crows are not provided with stale food or ready snacks, which are bad for them. Also, there should be a constant check on the food that is provided to them.

There could be much more we can do for them but we prefer not to do that. The purpose here is not to put oil in the already existing fire but to start a new fire and ignite the world. A fire which claims protection for the birds. It is not only crows but also many other birds which are struggling for a healthy living. Let us join our hands and help make everyone live in a better way. It would not cost us much if we do this. It would be a big deal for the birds if we can protect their future and make them have a reinvigorated morning every day.

Sanjay Kataria