Diwali Captured In Pictures


Diwali, the festival of lights, is a Hindu festival that celebrates the power of light over darkness which signifies the strength of good over evil. It is considered to be the most beautiful festival in India and Nepal both as houses and streets are all lit up with beautiful lights.

In India, the entire country appears like a perfect setting to a fairy tale. Firecrackers are also used during Diwali, which has led to many mishaps in the past and has been a major cause of pollution during the season. However, Diwali is celebrated with much zest with family and friends every year.

Here are seven pictures that capture the celebration of Diwali in the most beautiful way:



Earthen lamps lit on door steps


Pic 1

Slums are also beautifully lit up during Diwali. Slums never looked so pretty!


Pic 2

Even trees are lit up in the most beautiful way


Pic 3

Floating candles lighting up the water


Pic 4

A young boy playing with firecrackers


Pic 5

Beautiful coming together of colours and lights in a temple on Diwali


Pic 6

The abstract beauty of the fireworks on Diwali

Pallavi Sharma

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