Do Corruption Revolution

India is one country which badly needs a revolution at the earliest. Things have actually come to a point where only a revolution can save her; or else she’s going die a very painful death in the hands of corruption. As long as anyone can remember, scams have always been a part of India’s political scenario. My guess is it started when “Greed” trumped over all other emotions and that has been the case since the evolution of mankind. It has been popping its ugly head every now and then into the scene and every time in a bigger way.

We have all seen so many scams happening every now and then, but how many of them actually responsible for it were really punished?? It has always been us, the public, the citizens, the tax-payers, who were either directly or indirectly punished for it and all the while, those corrupt animals were just laughing at us behind closed doors as they were always ‘untouchable.’ Power and money can buy you the whole world in today’s life. Whatever happened to ideals, ethics and honesty?

The local Media sensationalises any bit of news they get…whether big or small, for the first few days and after that, just forget and move on to the next issue as if nothing happened. This is not just for the T.R.P. ratings but also because something bigger keeps happening the next day! The newspaper, once the torchbearer of the media industry, is now just a pile of criminal reports every day.

One more reason for the sad state of affairs is the pathetic Indian judiciary. It is also riddled with corruption and on top of that, crores of cases are still pending before it. Any trial, big or small, takes anywhere between a year and a decade to get done with. By this time, the people have forgotten it and moved on to the next scam. The ‘important’ people are paid, the evidences ‘somehow’ destroyed and the witnesses as usual, either turn hostile or are dead by the time the case comes for hearing. After all this, the criminal either escapes to a beautiful city abroad with all the money or lives a quiet but luxurious life somewhere in India itself. It’s hard to find a person who lives in-between 1.2 billion people.
This is the surprisingly pathetic state of our nation. The people carry on with their lives, no matter what, as they know only too well that this is something permanent! Some, who actually are concerned and raise their voices, are silenced through ‘appropriate methods.’

It’s time to start taking matters into one’s own hands. It’s time that some governments started falling in the interest of the people. It’s time that new and better ideals are floated in politics. It’s time that everyone starts playing their part in cleaning the corrupt political drainage. After all, if we don’t show them, how will they come to know, what “of the people, by the people and for the people” really means?

Vishal N.C.

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