Do we even care?

Television watching is bad for your lifespan. In fact, a recent study found that after the age of 25, for every hour of TV you watch, your life shortens by 22 minutes. This is astonishing news.

This correlates to somebody who watches six hours of TV each day will die five years sooner than he or she would have died. Wow. Did you realize you were giving up so much of your life to watch your favorite shows? Most people do not watch six hours, but many adults still clock plenty of time in front of the boob tube.

In fact, excessive television watching is a public health problem much in the way that smoking and obesity is. The study comes from the University of Queensland, Australia, and its authors said, “With further corroborative evidence, a public health case could be made that adults also need to limit the time spent watching TV.”

Does this news make you worried about your health? If so, will you change your television watching habits to include less time in front of the small screen? Or do we even care?

Aishwarya Verma