Does anyone have an answer?

Terror struck yet again… This time Delhi, The Heart of India was the target. I wason my way back from Connaught Place, when one of my friends called me to inquire if I was alright. I hadn’t realized how grave the situation was, until I switched on a news channel and it screamed “Serial Blasts” That’s when I thanked the almighty for keeping me safe and sound.

The frequency and severity of these terrorist attacks have increased in a fashion that a scandalizing term like ‘bomb blasts’ now fails to invoke requisite gravity. It seems as if we are living in an era where these terrorist attacks are a regular event occurring in different key locations across the globe. These seem to be almost inevitable and have definitely become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Maybe, that is the reason why these terrorists strike back time and again?? Don’t you think??

Terrorists hit the core places of Delhi. The intention is clear. Their motive must have been to take maximum lives of people, who are all innocent.Now an obvious question that haunts a naïve mind like mine is that what can a terrorist possibly benefit by brutally killing random guiltless people? Why would some one sitting in some distant land useall his brains and might in creating havoc between people whose existence doesn’t even matter to him leave bothering?

The tragedy of the present age – A section of people have been created, who are the fanatic patrons of a new religion that emphasises on the teaching of sheer hatred
and irrational destructive motives. While this constituted institution seems to be straight out of Pandora’s Box, all the parallel things working to mar its dire effects look helpless and paralyzed. Across the globe, these terrorists are creating havoc which is driven by emotions. And they seem to have striken the right chord.

Another question that haunts me -who are these people who are constantly interested in destruction? It does seem strange how some human beings who are just like you or me decide that the goal of their lives is to kill others and destroy random families even if they have to sacrifice their own lives while doing it?

And while am not able to reach anywhere close to the answers, my mind is jam-packed with another set of even more perturbing questions which puzzles me all the time. It disturbs me all the time, that someone’s malicious intentions and a well planted bomb can rip me apart any moment. My life will come to a straight halt and all my efforts wasted, even if one such bomb blast parts a near and dear one away from me. I understand that human life is uncertain but the whole point here is , that it will probably take me a lifetime to accept that something like a “brutal terrorist attack” should kill scores of innocent people and leave random families trapped in a lifelong nightmare.

Srishti Gupta

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