Does Equality Exist?

Men and women are equal, yes, on paper but not in the real sense. In the present scenario, it’s true that women are highly educated and working successfully as engineers, doctors, actresses, astronauts, politicians, teachers and in every other field outstripping men. But let’s face the reality now. Reservation for women and other such notions may or may not be working in the right direction. Women empowerment is all about giving equal rights to the female counterpart. But there is a long way to go.

The responsibility is not just to make women educated and getting them jobs, rather the main motive should be fighting for a girl’s right. When it comes to judging women and men, the typical stereotypical thinking comes in action all the time. I agree that the acts like PWDVA (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act) and many such other acts have reduced domestic violence to a great extent. But, still one is ought to conclude that the position of women is getting improved, but more or less, things remain the same.

Women still constitute the lower section of the society, they still are under the control of their father or husband or children. They are expected to give up their career when it comes to their child’s upbringing; I am not talking about villages of the lower community, the discussion is also about the educated rich section that boasts about their high profile status and conveniently forgets to have a look at the dirt they harbor inside. These social bondages and taboos will never ever let women to be at par with men.

Any girl who is a victim of rape or sexual harassment still suffers from fear and discomfort. Even in the 21st century, can she bravely come out and express her suffering? Can she fight for her loss without losing her confidence and respect in front of the society? Can she face the fear of getting insulted at every step by barefaced people who still think it’s a girl’s fault? The truth of the matter is that she can’t fight; she can’t be brave enough, because the social taboos still preserved by our country will not let her lead a respectful life. Chauvinistic men will hesitate marrying her and she will live a miserable, lonely and disgraceful life. Her dreams, her wishes, her aspirations, everything will be shattered by the useless assumptions that our society has imbibed.

India may be moving towards the way of globalization and development, but shamefully the attitude towards women is yet to be changed. Whenever you ever think of disrespecting a woman, always think about the lady who has given you the gift of life.

Suvidha Bhatnagar

The author is a Journalism and Mass Communication graduate, currently pursuing Master of Social Work. She is a fun loving person, a complete extrovert and loves to write anything, whatever she feels for. She love dancing, singing, painting, watching movies and almost all other entertainment stuff. She takes life as it comes and believes in the Philosophy of Action.