Does Prada own the Devil?

Ever wondered if you own your clothes or do they own you?

It is often said you are what you wear. And while that’s half true, as a stylist and fashion writer also at the risk of contradiction, I think clothes play a secondary role in shaping who you are. We all grow up with romantic ideas of dressing up, the much-match ideals or going with the safe colour palettes. Even then, I felt like a square peg in a round hole.
When I was old enough to shop for myself, I realised that gold does in fact match with silver and I can wear my red blouse with colours other than blue.

Luckily for me, many of these norms and so-called dressing-up rules were pretty easily broken as I entered the fashion world. I soon learnt that fashion rules and laws are for the weak-hearted, the ones who are too lazy to innovate and break the rules. To me, clothes are instruments to communicate with the world silently. Mould your clothes in your unique style, play and experiment with them.

When the post-70s bra-burning feminism embraced the 80s power-dressing, closely followed by the rise of 90s androgyny, it shook off the shackles of feminist foundations. We’re only now understanding that fashion has played a part through all these eras.  There are innumerable reasons to think fashion is shallow or superficial, but in my heels, it is impossible to deny that femininity, creativity and fashion are all interlinked.

Popular culture plays a big role in blinding us. Movies, music and other media often portray ideals like the richer the better, wear once and never repeat phenomenon is their way of adding to the ever growing capitalism.

My argument revolves around the claim that wearing big labels to look great. Feel great in your skin and then any added layer of clothing — cheap or not — will be addition to your beauty. Of course, things are changing now, with the increasing popularity of everyday wear blogs, street style only makes me more optimistic. After all, it is the devil who owns Prada, not the other way round.

Fashion Bombay

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