Rescuing a Dog and Adoptiong It

There are a number of misconceptions as to what exactly dog or animal rescue is? What it definitely is not is that it is not the same as dog pounds.

Rescue groups are groups that help to save dogs that are either homeless or ill treated. These dogs are usually innocent animals who are homeless by birth or have had the unfortunate luck of falling in the hands of uncaring owner. Most dog rescue groups survive or limited funding and are dependent on their volunteers to provide them with money and time. However it is not necessary for you to have money and time to be of assistance to the dog rescue in your area to be successful. There are a lot of ways you can help the dogs at the dog rescue live a more meaningful and loved existence.

Running a dog rescue is not an easy task. It requires resources and supplies. One of the ways to support a dog rescue is by donating food and supplies on a regular basis. However it is important to note that each dog rescue will have its own individual requirements. Just because one rescue is in need of a certain supply doesn’t mean that the other rescue will also need the same supply. Therefore what one should do is get in touch with one of the members of the dog rescue group in your area and find out what is their requirement at the moment. If each responsible individual of the community donated just one can or bag of food a month then the dog rescue would have the capacity of taking care of a lot more dogs.

There are some other things that one can do to support the dog rescue community in your area.

* Organize a “Support the Dogs” drive in your area – This can be a fun and reliable way of raising funds and organizing supplies. You can help individuals, families, pet and grocery stores to donate anything extra that they have each month that might be beneficial to the dog rescue.

* Contribute your time – Another way you can contribute to the dog rescue community is by contributing your time to do various chores that need to be done on a regular basis. These include cleaning kennels, washing and bathing dogs and feeding them. This will allow the regular workers at the dog rescue to focus on other areas.

* If you are fond of dogs then you can even just spend time with the dogs by playing with them and petting and talking to them. This can not only be beneficial for the dogs but also to you.

* In a few cases, you might be allowed to be foster parents for small dogs. You can take care of dogs in your home until a family is found which is willing to adopt the dog. In some cases the dog rescue even helps you financially in taking care of the dog.

If you want to help dog rescues and make a difference then there is always a way. All you need to do is stop by at the local dog rescue and ask how you can help.