Dog Shelters

Dog shelters are places that are licensed by the government to capture and take care of dogs that have gone astray. Some of these shelters are non for profit entities that do this work solely for the benefit of society.

Dog shelters take care of dogs that have been neglected or hurt. These dogs are generally not accepted by the society. A number of the dogs kept at dog shelters have to be captured from city streets and villages as they aggressive by nature. They are usually cross breeds and live on the streets. On other occasions the dog shelters have dogs that have been rescued from abusive owners.

There are as many as 100,000 dog shelters around the world. Some of the shelters even have high quality breeds such as Pomerania, Chihuahuas and Papillion. However in most of the shelters the dogs have to be neutered to avoid over population.

Some dog shelters allow dog lovers to adopt dogs that have been neutered. By adopting pets from dog shelters one helps the society and ends up providing a living thing a loving and caring home to stay in. Purchasing dogs from shelters is a cost affective method that people can use if they are looking for pets. Dogs from shelters are far cheaper than dogs that are bought directly from the breeders.

The dog shelters have the last word on whether a dog is available for adoption or not. Some dogs can be trained and made into sport dogs or therapy dogs or guard dogs. Some of the breeds that are suitable for such purpose include Dalmatian,Saint Bernard and Labrador Retriever .These dogs are large in size and can be aggressive and therefore require obedience and special training so as to work with police officers to sniff out bombs and terrorists.

While dog shelters continue to look after stray dogs but still the number of stray and abandoned dogs continues to increase. So if you are the owner of a pet then you should be careful that the dog doesn’t go astray and that the dog is not neglected . One should keep track of where the dog g if pets, the owner, you should frequently and who are the people it interacts with.

Dog Rescue Shelters even have the responsibility to find good owners for the dogs at the shelter. They have the right to look for an owner who has the ability to look after the dog. In the case of breach of contract the dog owner can be fined.

One must congratulate the people who run dog shelters as they are doing a great service to society by taking care of an animal which has long been known as mans best friend.