Another Farhan Akhtar’s scrumptious effort is finally out and has earned praises and appreciation from all over. The sequel to Super hit Don (2006) which itself was a remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s Don has been in news for some time now. Akhtar’s vainglorious attempt has had mixed reports over the last ten days.

Attempting a sequel in Bollywood has now become a challenge as the director carries the burden of expectations of so many viewers. This task takes more courage than just making a film that is original in concept and script.

‘Don’ lives up to his name in the sequel as well and carries his style and persona in the movie. The movie opens with the scene that shows Don entering Police headquarters for a self arrest just as Om Puri was resigning from his post. Don then helps Boman Irani (Vardhan) gets out of the jail and both plan to attempt a robbery to steal currency making machine plates. The kind of attitude, the kind of aggression Don has in himself, he channels it to all his team mates for the robbery.

Don later succeeds in this larceny and as expected by the audience is now up against Boman Irani for taking away the currency machine.  This is when the mixed reactions came from the audience regarding the story being scripted out of nowhere. To some, the movie had a frugal existence. With Priyanka Chopra (Roma) once again showing her love for Don, doesn’t kill him even when she had her chances, gives Don another chance to flee away with the machine plates. The bold dialogue “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai” was once again justified.

The script needed to be crisper.  It wouldn’t be satirical to affirm that Don 2 redefines superficiality in Bollywood. But the film would have proved to be better with a compact script. The incomplete story of arresting Don and killing him is still open to brave hearts that might maneuver with the script and invest in making of Don 3 if ever attempted.

Unexpectedly the music was no great with the likes of Shankar, Ehsan and Loy heading the music direction team. The background music also didn’t leave a lasting impression.

Don 2 survives on star power and trademark value. The first hour of the film is insipid, but the second accelerates to another level. Although a unified script would have saved the aura of the legendary film, but the scintillate attempt of the producers with the super ensemble star cast grabbing the opportunity of the festive new year will benefit from the revenue generating theatres.

Most of the scenes were shot in Berlin unveiling the extravagant beauty of the city. On the whole, Don 2 may not give the judicious satisfaction but the stylish and demanding attributes of the society will enjoy it. It will score well at the box-office and yield good profits to Reliance Entertainment (worldwide distributors). By getting heavy subsidy from the German government the producers have already had their gala time.

Shefali Saxena