Don’t end your relationship with a comma!

happy foreverSometimes a proper breakup is a necessary evil. It is much better than a relationship left incomplete, a relationship with more questions than answers, a relationship with more semi-colons and commas, a relationship which you still hope to revive. All you ladies and gentlemen out there, who are suffering from post-breakup blues, let me take this opportunity to tell you than you are amongst the lucky few. Accept it dear! You loved someone with all your heart and he/she loved you back equally. That’s a blessing indeed. Most of us are either members of FOSLA (frustrated one-sided lovers association) or are unable to find the right one.

Having a fight or falling apart and ending it all can be an emotionally draining experience. But let me tell you that nothing hurts more than living with a stupid hope!! Yeah typically bollywood I agree. But trust me some of us on this earth do behave like that. We are experts at putting the picture perfect smile on the face and hiding the scars on our heart.

Post breakup the worst encounter that you may have to endure is to put up with your partners new-found love interest. It hurts to see him/her sharing sweet nothings with this new stranger. If you have managed to withstand the strong urge to strangle them, I must extend you my heartiest congratulations. But there’ s something worse than this …what really hurts is to see your partner still single…its painful to see that he/she hasn’t moved on. You question yourself as to who gave you the right to do so? Every time someone tries to get past your guard, you shove them away, physically, psychologically and emotionally. Somehow your heart refuses to listen to your head, and compels you to reassess your allegiance.

How many of us are “still friends” …and too scared to accept the true nature of our deepest of emotions. Yes we are cowards, cowards at realizing the reality, cowards at finding answers to the questions of our hearts. My advice to everyone would be to take the initiative and say it!!! Don’t live a life full of regrets, a life full of ifs and what-ifs. What is the worst that can happen? A negative reply! Oh please, give me a break; I think that is the best that can happen! You asked a question and you got a reply. Time to move on, without any baggage from your past! Trust me YOU haven’t lost anything. The person has lost you!!! And in the process of losing, you also gained something…you learnt to overcome your greatest fear. It’s a win-win situation. So what are you waiting for? Go and just do it!!!

Neha Saxena