Don’t Ponder, Educate, And Maybe Also On How To Masturbate?


Our parents are the most inexhaustible power house of knowledge, telling us everything about the world that would help us survive. The tips to either get good marks or to make good friends, either to welcome guests or to grab that promotion in office, are all up their sleeves.

However, how often have we seen our lovely parents talk to us about intimate things? Thing like heartbreaks, relationships, or maybe sex. The embarrassment is such that when something even remotely close to the word sex, or private parts comes up, suddenly the walls of the room hold all their attention. Everything can be discussed, they can force you or constantly nag you over marriage and the consequent demand for grand kids, but the discussion that involves the act of it, is missing.

Ads of sanitary pads or condoms are ignored with such credibility that you know you will never ask them about it. When I was kid, the movie Titanic, was turning heads for all the right reasons worldwide, however, in our country our parents were perplexed and scared. When the actual romance was always portrayed by flowers kissing or ruffling of blankets, the steamy sex scene in the movie was all set to perplex and making our parents all uncomfortable. I remember watching that movie, and whenever that scene cropped up, suddenly my parents would come up with a reason that would involve me not watching that scene, forget asking about it.

Ignorance is a bliss, and in times as such, it is quite required too, as per our parents.

The only means to learn about sex and knowing the technicalities around it was via school gossips or some cool elder sibling who just wanted to show off their expertise, no matter how amateur it might be. The only authentic source of sex education was our parents and schools, and undeniably both really shied away from it, and ignored it blatantly.

However, with much digitalization and constant talking about things about taboos, the Indian parents are finally warming up to the importance of sex education. Though they find it much easier if others do this job for them, so as to thwart awkwardness and the gross aspect of it. Children, nowadays, know more about sex than I knew when I reached my puberty. With the internet at their disposal, kids find it incredibly easy to watch some porn video and get to know of it, just in time to pay heed to their curiosity. And, for what I know, porn is nothing but adulterated content of what we think of sex to be, and maybe much more technical and evolved too.

However, if I had kids today, I would never want to watch them and learn about porn, masturbation and condoms or sanitary pads, by some videos or some half-baked knowledge that does the school rounds under the pretext of gossip.

Though, I would find it easier to just talk to them about it. However, for the present and not imaginary set of parents, this task has been made very easy and not-so-awkward by new short series of Y-films– aptly titled as Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa.

It is five-part web series on sex and sexuality which opens with a very awkward conversation of Pappu asking his father about masturbation. He takes on this question with a story and answers his questions without any inhibitions, if with some reluctance. Watch the series to know of ways wherein one can teach their kids about sex education.

Shushing them away is never the option, so take some tips and start parenting; parenting which is unabashed and always catering to the kids’ questions. Let us finally move on from the flower story or the story of a fairy gifting one with a kid, shall we?

Yugansha Malhotra

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