Don’t Step Out At Night: Monsters Lurk In Corners


We do not vouch for its authenticity and are nobody to validate the claim, but if what this certain Facebook user has said is true, then taking refuge in the paranormal is perhaps a sane idea.

A young Delhi girl had stepped out at night to buy a few things from the market. On her way back, two men started following her. The scenario was too terrifying for her comfort, and before she realized, one of the men had grabbed her by her waist and pulled her away. Instead of calling out for help, however, the girl pretended she was possessed by a spirit. She even scratched one of them and smeared their blood on her face. The two men freaked out at that, and ran for their lives.


The aforementioned story went viral when the girl’s friend wrote about it on the social networking site. The original post read as follows:

“Last night, one of my extremely close friends had gone to the market at around 10pm in Delhi. On her way, two uncouth men began to follow her. By their looks and behavior she knew something is not right. They followed her for about 5 minutes and then they grabbed her by her waist and pulled her away and at that hour, there was nobody around in the street.

Now this is a situation in which most of us would start screaming at the top of our voices for help but instead, she made the smartest move, she did something that probably wouldn’t occur to any of our minds especially in such a situation.

She acted as if she was a ghost and started speaking in a paranormal way, she would laugh hard at times, and the next moment just stare at the men’s faces. (Very fortunately, she had left her house with open, unkempt hair).

Looking at this, one of the two got extremely scared and resorted to run, while the other one was determined that there is nothing to worry about.

Now in this situation, she really didn’t know what to do anymore. Without thinking, she scratched the guy’s hand so that it would bleed and began to rub his blood on her face while laughing as loud and evil as she could.

As gross as it sounds, it worked and the second man too, got completely scared and left her, running away, too.

She is a seventeen year old friend of mine who didn’t want her name to be revealed. But when I heard about this from her, I was so moved by the witty escape she made, that I couldn’t help but post about this.

To everyone out there, be safe. And if you can’t be safe, be smart like her.”

And as ingenious as this reads, the grotesque episode brings to light something very unsettling about the world we live in. The girl was smart, without doubt. But why did she take refuge behind a garb of charade?  Why should she choose to become something she is not, when she can be safe and secure any time of the night? That’s because ensuring safety to a fellow human being (whether man or a woman), is not a part of our culture. We tell our women to have their guards up at night, lest they face the big bad wolf. We teach them to be safe, to not ‘attract’ unwanted attention in the ambiguous hours, because the world we live in is filled with bad people. So what do we do?

The girl had stepped out to run some errands – a non-detrimental and unwary act. So who gave these men the audacity to whisk her away against her will?

These men, or rather monsters, have issues with the law. They are of the opinion that the law is for the literate, and they don’t fall in the ambit. They take rules, regulations and basic humanity for a ride, but paranormal, now that is the real deal!

It is mind-boggling how the society uncompromisingly reminds us that in India, a woman is either a witch or a sex-toy. Nobody prefers lunacy, but a whore; yes everybody wants a piece of her.

Prerna Mittra

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