Don’t wait for your ship to come in – swim out to it!


H2O: two parts Heart and one part Obsession. That is my love for the depth of the ocean, but, of course, the passion restricts to the swimming pool! Competitively, swimming is one of the most challenging sports. Well, it happens to be the sport I explored at the tender age of barely six and as I grew up, my love for it rose. The next question is how is it so exigent? Let me brief up on that note.

It only takes about an hour a day of strenuous swimming which can improve flexibility, stamina and cardiovascular activity. Swimming not only gets more muscles into play, it also involves hand and leg co-ordination. It happens to be one of the best fitness regimes one can possibly have in these times when sedentary lifestyle has taken over. A great deal of calories can be burnt if swimming is taken up as a sport. The scientific reason behind it is that cold gush of water removes the body heat which relaxes the muscles, thereby, keeps the body warm, stimulates the appetite, and cuts down the body fats and carbohydrates. Swimming makes one agile, flexible and reduces anxiety. There are aerobic benefits attached with swimming as it works both on the upper as well as the lower body.

The technique causing the buoyancy during swimming is actually called biomechanics-the law of buoyancy that keeps the body afloat on water. While moving through the water, almost every muscle of your body is worked upon. The various strokes involve the most popular freestyle. This style is particularly common with the amateur, novice swimmers. Backstroke is yet another trendy stroke where you can gaze up in the sky, savour the azure above you, which is the vast yonder and beneath you, which is the light cerulean water. The other stokes involve the breast-stroke also called as frog kick, since it consists of a frog like kick and wide pulling of the arms. Butterfly stroke is yet another skill which can make you feel like one while using your arms like wings splattering the water. Well, if you happen to be adventurous enough, you may try somersaults and dive into the deeper ends of the pool!

Swimming as a fitness sport was an important part of the military training program during the ancient Greek and Roman times. It, perhaps, can be called as an art of ‘serendipity’ – a discovery made by man by chance while trying to stay afloat. For all those who have never tried this sport, trust me, it is an experience in itself, for the gravity beneath you doesn’t feel the same!

So, the next time its bright and sunny and you wish to dip into the pool, enjoy the splash and buoyancy and keep the benefits in mind. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson once said…

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, and drink the wild air!!!

Sumedha Sobti

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