Door Kick Plates

Door kick plates are basically a piece of metal o a metal plate which is fixed firmly at the bottom o the door so as to the door can easily resist scratches or blows. Door kick plates are widely used with various designs and finishes to accolade to the home design and décor. Various forms and designs which the door kick plates come in are satin stainless steel, polished brass PVD, polished stainless, satin nickel, antique brass, weathered rust, weathered black, weathered steel etc which are used depending upon the design of the door and other related actors such as the taste of the person and their requirement. The door kick plates are usually available in two variants i.e. screw mount and magnetic mount. The magnetic mount kick plates usually don’t work on wooden doors.

It is always advised to get a door kick plate which is 2 inches shorter than the width o the door to avoid any kind o restriction or obstruction which might come in the way of the door trim and weather stripping. This also makes sure that there is no hindrance in the easy opening and closing of the door.

There are other forms handy and decorative door kick plates available too such as push plates and door pulls which act as an add on to the basic form of kick plate. They can be used for numerous applications which can be installed in both residential and commercial complexes. The materials used in the making of the door kick plates are usually steel, bronze, brass, oil rubbed bronze kick plates, etc.

Door kick plates can be used to protect them from wheel chairs, people getting hurt by the edges, carts and beds, preventing any form of fungus growth within the door etc.

Various companies which manufacture top class door kick plates are Lowes, Schlage, Kwikset etc.