Double Chins Set To Disappear With Animal Cell Injections

Researchers at the Department of Human Nutrition at Ohio State University have now developed an injection, which can burn off excess body fat because it injects tiny capsules containing a heat-producing cell that is commonly found only in babies and animals. The research was led by Dr. Ouliana Ziouzenkova and was initially conducted on mice.

Research results demonstrated  nearly ten  percent loss in body weight, despite the fact that the mice were on a high calorie diet. The capsules are thrice the width of a human hair and can be injected into the various parts of the body, where there are fat deposits, such as arms, under the chin, buttocks, and thighs. The study is touted to be a revolutionary discovery for erasing fat that heightens the risk for Type 2 Diabetes. However, much more research is needed before the injection can be given to humans, since the safety of this method in humans is yet to be determined.

The cells when injected, release signals known as thermogenic factors, through the porous microcapsules, into the localized unhealthy fat. These thermogenic factors or cell signals then transform the fat into heat-producing cells called thermocytes. These help burn off excess energy as heat instead of allowing it to be stored as fat. To remove a small amount of fat from specific areas of the body, a patient only requires a single injection.

With the help of research and lab experiments, Dr. Ziouzenkova and her team have indicated that it may be possible to transplant cells from mice and other such animals into the bodies of adult humans. This is referred to as “xeno transplantation”. Since the capsules are cost-effective, they can be used multiple times for different patients.

Initial studies with these microcapsules have also shown that these capsules can remodel the fat tissue that they are injected into. This prevents the immune system from attacking these capsules.

The immune system in mice is not affected by the injection of these capsules because the capsules are not destroyed by the mouse’s immune system. Only minor local inflammation was caused in some cases because of the degradation of capsules inside the body. Thermocytes or brown fat is found mainly in human babies and in other small animals but in adult humans these cells are lost with age. If implanted cells from mice do not work then scientists plan to modify these human cells.

Cell therapy treatments, such as those used in treating Cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Down syndrome, have proven risky in the past. There are chances that patients may contract viral and bacterial infections carried by animal cells and this may prove life-threatening. Other complications pertaining to the immune system are also possible such as allergic reactions. These treatments go against conventional scientific methods, and so intensive study is needed before they can be released to the masses.

While most individuals who are weight conscious and consider dieting as the all-important cure, often forget that exercising the individual body parts is a better way to lose excess body fat.

Even people who exercise regularly do not remember to exercise the facial muscles and the neck. Specific exercises for chin, lower face, and neck help to tone the muscles and reduce the risk of fat accumulation.

Using natural forms of toning body muscles is a better way to making that double chin disappear. While surgical methods such as liposuction, chin augmentation jobs, and correction of unflattering jaw lines are available, there is nothing better than exercising and eating a healthy balanced diet.

Exercising not only reduces the fat but also stimulates the mind and energizes you. It has many other benefits, apart from helping you lose weight.

Sometimes double chin and belly fat appear with age because the muscles become lax. To get rid of a double chin, you need to specifically tone the mentalis and the platysma muscles of your face.

Another very simple way of losing that excess fat is by hydrating yourself at regular intervals.

Water helps to maintain the muscle tone of your body and assists in the muscles ability to contract. Drinking water reduces hunger pangs and makes you feel full. This way you eat just right – what your body actually needs.

Doctors have always emphasized the need for exercise and now with this new scientific discovery, humankind is set to become more sluggish and complacent.

These research studies sometimes make me wonder whether science seeks to make us more dependent and weak. If animal cell injections can indeed remove body fat then what will happen to all the gyms in the world?

People will stop exercising and will only go in for surgical or invasive treatments. Dieticians will no longer have to prescribe fad diets such as the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet, and so on.

Gyms across the globe may have to shut shop and this may even lead to mass unemployment, wouldn’t it?

Kritika Pramod Kulshrestha

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