Double Dhamaal – Movie Review

Release date: 24th June 2011
Rating: 1.5/5
Director: Indra Kumar

Actors: The four main protagonists of the film series are Arshad Warsi, Ritiesh Deshmukh, Ashish Chowdhary and Javed Jaffery. Sanjay Dutt plays an important role too, taking the story ahead. This sequel has seen additions to the main cast by Mallika Sherawat and Kangana Ranaut. Satish Kaushik also makes an appearance, mostly in the first half of the film.

Sequel times are back! Way too many movies are coming up and a large share of them belong to the sequel group. Bheja Fry 2 released last week which is not really getting a positive response from the audiences, while Cars 2 and the sequel to the successful Dhamaal, ‘Double Dhamaal’ have hit the screens this weekend.

People often say that sequels don’t really match up to the standard of their prequels, and sadly once again with Double Dhamaal, this theory has been proven right.

Story: The film picks up two years later from where the prequel ended. Arshad, Ritiesh, Ashish and Javed are still unemployed, with no money and are on the streets. They find out how Sanjay’s life has taken a 360-degree turn for good, even though they all had no money. They find out about his life details and get placed in his life through some blackmailing. They almost become 50% partners in Sanjay’s company, which his wife (Mallika) owns, due to convincing an investor (Satish Kaushik) to sanction 250 crores in a crude oil refinery. Sanjay, Mallika and his sister (Kangana) made a plan to garner this money and get these four jokers blamed for it. Sanjay and the ladies shift base to Macau, where he starts a Casino. Arshad, Ritiesh, Javed and Ashish reach Macau and decide to take revenge, which they do; however the film has a surprising end.

My Views: The film has a story that makes no sense. It becomes unbearable sooner than you think and overall is a torture. The once in a while comic laughs do some work of somehow still convincing us to stick to our seats, but another drawback is that most of the jokes and gags have either been lifted from age-old Indian sitcoms or the recent movies.
The film lacks originality. Everyone tries to make a con man film, but not everyone can be successful at it. The film is so twisted, that at timesI thought may be Tees Maar Khan or Thank You were better movies.

After having really high expectations, I was disappointed in almost all the aspects a film should excel in. Script, story and screenplay are dragged unnecessarily. Performances are over the top and loud. The film just focuses on the revenge of the four actors and still Ashish Chowdhary looks completely sidelined, while Arshad and Ritiesh hog the screen time. Javed Jaffery, even though does not have the exact time role expected, does an amazing job, and makes the viewers laugh effortlessly. Satish Kaushik’s brief appearance in the first half is funny, unrealistically raising our hopes that the film might take an interesting turn of events in the second half, which it does not. Sanjay Dutt looks old, while Kangana and Mallika don’t seem to contribute much anyway, apart from the standard glamour quotient. The Ramayana sequence with Satish Kaushik in the first half and the Gorilla sequence with Ashish Chowdhary is quite hilarious.

The multiple characters donned in the second half by the leads are lame. They don’t make you laugh, but force you to ask yourself while notching your hair, “Why did I come for this movie?”

Songs in the movie are not sensational or catchy. The first song in the movie is superfluous and other songs just pop up and make the loud film even louder. The song ‘Jalebi Bai’ with Mallika Sherawat is at the end of the movie fails to impress.

Honestly, in my opinion, there are a thousand better movies, and preferably comedies to watch for me and everybody else. Giving the film a rating of 1.5 is my generosity. I’d prefer to watch something like Cars 2 or Green Lantern.

P.S: Next week there are two major releases – Delhi Belly and “Bbudha… Hoga Tera Baap”. Let’s see which one of these two impress and which kills us.

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Vishant Pachisia