Drinking Water Dispensers

Nothing can quench thirst better than a cold glass of water. After a workout, in between breaks at the office and when you come back home from a hard day at the office, it’s the cold water that livens up your spirits and puts you back on track.

Drinking water dispensers vary depending on where you wish to put them. There are two main types of drinking water dispensers that are available in the market: Bottled drinking water dispensers and bottle less drinking water dispensers. The bottled variety is usually used for domestic purposes or in offices where the employee strength is not more that 20 people. The bottle less variety is more common in public places like office canteens, local gyms and school canteens.

The bottled drinking water dispensers are easy to use and easy to maintain and come in various styles and designs. You can pick one that matches your requirements and budget. Bottled water dispensers usually run on electricity and keep the water filtered and chilled. So no matter what the time of day is your family can have access to safe and cold drinking water at all times. Some varieties also come with two spigots that dispense both hot and cold water. You can choose to set the temperature of the water dispensed in accordance to your needs. The only trouble with these drinking water dispensers is that you have to change the bottle from time to time and this could cause you some additional expense.

Drinking water dispensers of the bottle less variety are best suited for public places. They too run on electricity but are hooked on to the water supply in the building. These are far easier to maintain and need to be cleaned once every month. There are a number of brands available in the market and you should pick one depending on the capacity you need, the space you have to spare and the budget you have in mind.