Drishyam: A Movie That Is Truly Deceptive


Drishyam– Visuals can be deceptive, and so was the movie’s trailer.

The Ajay Devgan starrer that released on Friday is the perfect example of a Bollywood movie with a movie star in the lead role aiming for big box office returns; big money in short. The trailer of the movie is well made. It excites you over a prospect of a nice murder mystery, severely lacking in the Bollywood industry.  But sadly, the movie is at best, average.

The only thing that held the movie together was the plot, which was well-written, but the casting destroyed everything. The movie is about a powerful police officer (Tabu) whose son goes missing and she believes that the local cable operator (Ajay Devgan) is involved and will stop at nothing to get a confession out of him. She misuses her powers to trouble and abuse Devgan’s family and Devgan, the common man, in an unjust society, must find a way to protect his family. The movie hopes to keep you at the edge of your seat to finally discover if Devgan and his family did commit the murder or not, but unfortunately for the movie, by the last scene, you are just glad that it is, at least, over.

Drishyam is a remake of the Malayalam movie of the same name. For those who have watched the Malayalam version, this movie is a sheer disappointment. The protagonist of the movie, played by Mohanlal in the Malyalam version is very impressive. He plays the Indian common man like the Indian common man is. He is the ultimate country bumpkin and who could, in no way, have committed the murder. And thus you connect with him while he faces the police brutality. The later scenes in the movie that follow make you doubt your assumptions making for the perfect murder mystery. Ajay Devgan however, cannot play the common man. He adhered too tightly to the macho Indian version of the common man that can only exist in Bollywood movies. He is a stern man in the shoes of a helpless common man, and you cannot connect with him.

The only praise worthy performance was given by Kamlesh Sawant who plays the anti-hero, corrupt officer. Tabu is an excellent actor but her character’s profile was not written well. In one scene, she is a formidable and brazen police officer, whose words are her subordinates command and in another scene, her she plays the role of a stereotypical Indian women whose husband does not respect her enough and goes on to insult  her in front of her subordinates. The profile of the emotional, grieving revenge seeking mother was not written well. Those who have watched the American T.V. show How To Get Away With Murder know how exciting and captivating the role of a powerful women who is secretly very emotionally vulnerable can be.

In the end, here’s the verdict- if you have watched the Malayalam version, you will absolutely dislike the movie. However, if you are watching the concept for the first time, there is a chance that you get engrossed in the movie, reeling from the side-effects of the surprises (or shocks) that Drishyam has in store for you.


Ekta Niranjan

Image Source: The Viewspaper