DTC: Delhi Torture Corporation

dtc.jpgThe way DTC buses ply in Delhi is really interesting. The bus drivers think that they are first cousins of speedster Michael Schumacher. They drive so rashly, it seems as if they think that cars, trees and other such insignificant road furniture will simply jump out of their way. The bus drivers are always in a hurry for God-knows-where and stop for such a short time at the bus stop that the people have to wrestle each other in order to get in.

The buses are often jam packed to the bursting point and there is absolutely no standing space, let think of sitting. Men cling to these buses with whatever they can find, be it outside the bus or inside, making the vehicle look like a moving bouquet of iron filings attached to a magnet. Thoughts of catching the next bus don’t cross their mind whatsoever, as they may not find even basic clinging space in the next one.

Inside the bus, people cling to their seats and bars as if they are hanging on for dear life against a gigantic tsunami. The buses sport broken windows and seats as if they were their diamonds and pearls. Rusted nails sprout from places where cushions should have been. These bus rides are exactly like those roller coaster rides which make you jump, scream and howl in pain.

The bus drivers, especially these days, have been behaving as Hell’s Angels on earth, crashing and banging their vehicles and creating mayhem at every tiny-winy opportunity available. In my opinion, they forget that there is a huge 8-wheel moving vehicle attached to that steering wheel, which they so ferociously, and passionately, play around with. They need to be told this: look dude, it is not your average PS2. It’s a bus! And its killing people!

Racing for them is a passion. So what if they didn’t make it to the F1 tracks? They have their own routes to race on, with fellow drivers. Not only that, they have much bigger vehicles too! It does not matter if their racing cars are full of people, or that their tracks are not empty to say the least. Oh no sir! They will do as they please. So what if one or two comes under their wheels? That not really important. Winning that World Championship is!

Recently, the news has been that the DTC maaliks are employing ex-murderers and have-been-criminals on the job of driving. Ah! What a nice way to do community service. Rehabilitating murderers and helping them get back to life (read taking of lives), all at the cost of the innocent masses.

This is an aging and crumbling city. Accepted. But that does not mean that there shouldn’t be any improvement, any change. The junta’s throats have become hoarse with shouting and screaming for change. But that Big Fat Guy in that cozy office chair of his with the air conditioner on, who has got the power to fix the damage, does nothing. Furthermore, he pretends as if every thing around him is hunky dory. It is, in fact. But only because he does not travel in those broken buses with their retarded drivers. Neither does he listen to our pleas, nor does he pay any heed to our anguished cries. The world (and especially public transport) would be so much better, only if he listened…

Shalini Rajvanshi

[Image by : http://www.flickr.com/photos/mayankaustensoofi/773310937/]