DTH: A Customized TV viewing experience

dvd_dth.jpg The electronic media has extended the scope and reach of information to every nook and corner of the world. As the technology develops, so should its distribution and availability among the masses. Television viewing, which has become a source of information, knowledge, entertainment, music, movies, etc among the people, has certainly seen some advancement in the form of better quality media, user-specific channels availability, and interactive and customized program settings.DTH i.e., Direct To Home is an initiative guarantying DVD-quality picture and CD-quality sound and hence an enriched TV viewing experience. In this, the service provider (currently Tata Sky and Dish TV being the main distributors) uplinks the channels from broadcasters to a satellite transponder, which receives these signals and downlinks it to the mini-dish mounted on the terrace or open top of the customer’s house. This dish, which is a reflector, focuses the electromagnetic signal waves on a feed horn, which relays these signals to the digicomp through the use of cables.The digicomp then decodes the channels compressed within various bandwidths and converts them to analog data/signals, which are fed into the television’s input sockets.Recently there has been a conversion from the conventional cable operators to the DTH distribution system in India carried out by Tata Sky, Dish TV, etc.

This has lead to a plethora of channels to choose from, uplift in TV viewing quality, addition of interactive features (such as Active Sports, Active Games, etc) bundled up with convenient support services. Now it’s easy to customize your viewing preferences, setting up reminders for various programs, and browsing through the program schedule in advance so as to effectively manage your work and entertainment time.Another main advantage has been the removal of the monopoly of cable operators which was leading to piracy, low grade picture and sound, unnecessary piling up of unviewed channels coupled with soaring prices for the same.

The downlink of signals through satellites has ensured maximum area coverage and is accessible even in mountainous, rural and remote locations.The direct to home satellite communication has ensured signal security and improved signal strength and hence is bound to penetrate into the houses of the customers!!

Ishant Arora