Dualit coffee grinder

Dualit coffee grinder produces the best and the finest coffee grinds starting from Turkish grind to normal coarse grind. Dualit coffee grinder produces consistent ground coffee and at the same time preserves its natural aroma. Dualit coffee grinder uses a conical burr grinder in which the motor controlling the steel burr spins very slowly which results in the maximum grinding of the coffee beans and at the same time removes clogging between the oily or the flavored coffee beans. This mechanism used in the motor of the Dualit coffee grinder, unlike the other coffee grinders also ensures that no heat is produced between the coffee beans which is one of the major factors which results in loss of the aroma. It is very important to use the Dualit coffee grinder only before actually having the coffee as keeping ground coffee beans for long results in the loss of the aroma, especially when it comes in contact with air. Hence the essence of coffee is lost.

Dualit coffee grinder is an automatic coffee grinder with a bean capacity of 250 grams and the flask containing the grinded beans is air tight which results in the maximum retention of the aroma. This coffee grinder comes with 13 different levels of grinding which can be set manually depending upon the coarse level a person needs. An extra added feature to the Dualit coffee grinder is that the moment the burr detects a stone or a pebble, it automatically shuts down thereby saving the blades from breaking down or even mixing the unwanted thing in the coffee.

The Dualit coffee grinder has a line of coffee grinders such as Dualit burr coffee grinder, Dualit coffee grinder 75002, Dualit 84200 coffee maker etc. Dualit coffee grinder are basically electric coffee grinders which can be used over a variety of voltages. The Dualit coffee maker instructions are given along with the coffee grinder package.