Dubai – A Review

Travelling is a beautiful feeling as just the word fills our heart with excitement to see new places and also bring back memories of beautiful places we’ve been to. It  makes us crave to see more places and enjoy the life out of our

monotonous routine.

Dubai: UAE is combination of 7 emirates and Dubai is second largest of them all after Abu Dhabi. It is situated on the southern shore of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. For all the exciting luxury things and tourist attractions, whether natural or man- made, it is most popular of all the emirates. The place is usually recognised as the ‘Pearl of the Persian Gulf’.

Dubai is expanded on both the sides of creek with Bur Dubai on the north and Deira Dubai on the southern side of the creek. Both parts offer different tourist attractions to people of every age.

Bur Dubai: It offers luxury tourism and shopping. It is home to the biggest shopping mall in the world. Next time you plan to buy a brand which you are not getting it anywhere around your place you can plan a trip to the place. Dubai mall has world’s biggest aquarium in it where you can see various breeds of sharks and if you are looking for little adventure, you can swim with them at an appropriate cost.

There are various shopping malls to suit every wallet if Dubai mall didn’t solve the purpose of utility shopping like Emirates mall, IbnBattuta mall to name few.

The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, was recently opened and it has become major tourist attraction in the world. The magnificent tower offers a view of  the world from its 124th floor which is around 800 metres high. You can also enjoy your favourite dish at the beautiful restaurant on the 122nd floor.

The good thing about place is that the day starts in the evening as expected by the relaxing and sluggish tourists and the fun lasts till wee hours, as every hotel has couple of night bars and discotheques in it.

There are many other attractions over there as it is a place where the only temple in whole region of UAE is situated. It also has traditional souk (market/bazaar) where you can get really good clothes at cheap rate. Gold souk shows the safety in Dubai as tonnes of gold are lying wide open in every showroom even during night.

Deira Dubai: It offers cheap stay, cool night life and one of a kind shopping experience. The Clock tower and Deira city centre are major attractions. It provides budget shopping too.

Dubai is not only confined to these but it also has man made island named Palm jumeirah which offers everything a tourist seeks. Jumeirah is a mega structure and reflect what engineering could create. It accumulated everything one expects to see during holiday and then was given a perfect position on different leaves of Palm Jumeirah to give tourist a lifetime experience.

Other attractions:

A Dubai tour can’t be complete without desert safari. A ride on the Sand dunes in a land cruiser is more thrilling than a roller coaster ride and it surely raises the spirit to new level of enjoyment. In middle of desert various shows are held in the evening ranging from belly dancing to regional Arabic shows which display the true spirit of Arabic culture. For people with a good appetite, the evening starts with smoking Sheesha (pipe) and ends with drinking unlimited drinks and tasty Mughlai cuisine.

Wild Wadi Water Park is also a big attraction as it provides various exciting water rides and helps to beat the heat of Dubai in a natural way.

Dubai is a place where Sea meets Sand and man has created his best creations on both  sea & sand.

Useful information:

*Always book your tickets through Emirates airlines because only  they sponsor you to get a visa without any problems.

*Best time to visit is from November to March.

Rajeev Kocher