Duracell Battery Charger

A Duracell battery charger gives you the freedom to charge batteries whether you are at home or on the move. The Duracell battery chargers are small, portable, efficient and look equally stylish. A Duracell battery charger can charge a range of batteries starting from AA batteries to NiMH batteries. The technology used in their making charges batteries at a very fast rate and also increases the battery life. This results in the device to give optimal performance and can also work for longer durations.

A Duracell battery charger is very a handy device which is very useful for devices like digital cameras which demand a lot of power from the batteries. These chargers can be used over a wide range of applications and situations. Duracell batteries have made the use of battery chargers easy and extremely user friendly. Given below are some of the battery chargers developed by Duracell:

  • MyGrid – This is a revolutionary battery charger which can charge up to four devices at once. One does not have to take out the battery from the device to charge the same. All that needs to be done is that the devices need to be kept on it and the charger automatically charges the battery. This charger can be used with a variety of devices such as cell phones and IPods.
  • Go Mobile charger – This charger is probably the best battery charger which can charge up to 4 AA or AAA batteries at once in less than an hour. This charger can be used at home or on the move. This Duracell battery charger comes with a car adaptor so that one can charge batteries even while travelling and the compact size allows it to be fit even in your cars cup holder.
  • Value charger – This Duracell battery charger might take a little more time than a Go Mobile charger to charge a battery, but it is equally effective and can be easily mounted on a wall plug. A value charger can charge 4 AA, AAA batteries at once and takes around 6 hours to charge batteries.
  • A Duracell car battery charger is another product by Duracell which comes in very handy when your car battery suddenly dies.