Dus Kahaniyan: Ten on Ten

Dus KahaniyanSanjay, both Dutt and Gupta give us an unusual treatment, a feast of movies for the price of one… what could go wrong?? Many things, but unfortunately for all those skeptics, nothing does. A brilliant bouquet of comedy, hopeless romance, paranormal and even the positively revolutionary is Dus Kahaniyan.

An adventurous attempt at film making, Dus Kahaniyan truly is a movie with a difference. I have, in my life, not seen so many very mature film makers come together to participate in what could be said as a beginning of something new. After the hum drum of run of the mill movies- Jab We met, OSO and Heyy Babby. This movie breathes new life into the film viewing experience.

If looked at carefully, the movie gets positively darker and gray as we move forward. It bears the hallmark directing styles, be it of Sanjay Gupta’s slick angles or Meghna Gulzaar’s expression guided direction. The stories will take the viewer on a roller coaster ride of emotions, from giggles to ironical laughs to being plain terrified.

All the stories have anticlimaxes and for this, the efforts of the directors have to be appreciated. In an industry where anti-climaxes are usually a lost cause, the six directors have willingly gone where no man (or even a woman) has gone before.

The only complaint with the film would be that many of the ten movies would be better off had they been worth two hours, as they left a little more to be desired. No item songs (phew what a relief!!) and slick editing control the length of each film to just ten minutes.

The man to look out for would be Rohit Roy; his directorial debut “Rice plate” is exemplary proof of the TV star’s versatility. Picking two out of the ten is a tough job, but with a gun to my head, watch out for Rice Plate and Gubbaare.

The movie is a must watch for all those who are bored with the usual routine. This movie might not have made it big at the box office, but has all the elements of a cult classic.

Patanjali Pahwa