Last week a major breakthrough event of the current academic session of the Delhi University took place in the form of the DUSU (Delhi University Student’s Union) elections on the auspicious occasion of Teacher’s Day. Although the much wanted event provides a huge platform for the future torchbearers of this nation, still our young guns show a declined interest to vote, with a voting turn out of a lowly 39.8% which can be rounded to 40%.

While both the sides of the battleground were fully prepared with all the paraphernalia in the form of luring which ranged from chocolates to stationary materials including diaries, pens etc. to even toilet paper soaps! A huge lot of printed pamphlets clogged whole of the serene and neat ambience of the north campus. Needless to say it was a total wastage of resources and money.
The low voting turnout is indicative of the fact that either the students have lost faith in the system or the students are least interested lot of the so-called biggest democracy of the world. Thus there is an evident weakening of the overall democratic body in the nation.

Being the first year students, we had the first hand experience of how the electoral panel functions in a democratic body and it becomes of quite an importance in country like India. The diplomatic young guns in the face of Nupur Sharma, Ashish Gahlot, Amit Chowdhary and others had the full support from the larger system with Congress supreme Sonia Gandhi & her son Rahul Gandhi coming on the fore front with the NSUI candidates. There is no other better platform for the youth to establish their feet hard on the political arena.

Returning to the issue of the low voting turn out, most of the students resorted to shopping, dating and chilling out by watching movies especially when there is a path breaking movie as “Rock On!” playing at the nearest PVR. Thus the election holidays are judiciously utilized in these agendas. Thus the problem does not lie in the system but in the people who form the system. The Students Union has been formed as a platform for voicing their pleas. And it is for the students alone to live up to their precious right to vote. If not anything the students would atleast get an overall idea of what the Electronic Voting Machine looks like & functions.

It is our duty to not let the wrong candidates become the decision makers of this country. Abraham Lincoln has observed democracy as government by the people, for the people and of the people. So, why students at college and university levels shun their responsibility to be a participant in democratic process?

Thus we should all exercise our basic right to vote to give this country a better decision maker.


[Image source:http://www.tribuneindia.com/2002/20020906/ncr2.jpg]