Earthquake strikes Oklahoma

The latest Oklahoma earthquake registered¬† 5.6 on the Richter scale, which is up from the original 5.2 reported by the United States Geological Survey. Officials in Oklahoma are warning residents that aftershocks are to be expected. This evening’s 5.6 magnitude earthquake did do damage around Oklahoma unlike this morning’s earthquake, which registered at 4.7.

Lincoln County is dealing with buckled roads, chimney collapses and damage to a local library in the wake of the record-setting quake. One resident awoke to find everything on her fireplace mantel, including a large clock, on the floor. Another resident reported the shaking awoke her young children. All three of her children where extremely upset and crying. America’s heartland is not accustomed to such violent tremors and residents are typically ill-prepared for the consequences of an Oklahoma earthquake.

Facebook and Twitter lit up with posts about the quakes almost as soon as they ended. The force of the earthquake was so great that a woman in Lewisville, Texas, some 200 miles from the center of the quake, could feel the earth shake and could see its movement in a drink. With the threat of aftershocks, Oklahoma residents can only pray they get some rest overnight.

Natasha Puryear