Earth’s Silent Ruin

The Earth is made up of five elements which are water, fire, metal, earth and wood. The basic elements of life are either being misused or polluted by man. Our whole ecology is totally dependent on these elements.
Mans greed to achieve comfort has endangered the environment to a great extent, the immediate result of which is that global warming and climate change.

Climate change is human induced. Human beings have poisoned the sea, the air and our entire planet. The increase of carbon dioxide and Chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere has led to the depletion of the ozone layer. The ozone layer has been protecting us from the harmful Ultra Violet Rays of the sun which cause skin cancer, damage to plants and reduction of plankton populations in the oceanic zone. The intensity of the suns heat is melting the ice in the polar regions which is leading to the rise of water levels in the oceans causing widespread inundation.

Steps have been taken to combat callous destruction of the environment. People are being encouraged to use CNG vehicles, eco-friendly machines, plant more trees and stop cutting trees in order to reduce the carbon dioxide in the air. When trees are felled to make habitation/powerplants for mankind: whens trees are replanted the take fifteen to twenty years to have the requisite green foliage. During that span mankind is deprived of the joys of Mother nature due to global warming and climate change.

Our environment is our wealth which we have inherited freely from our ancestors who believe in purity of spirit and simplicity of life style and we should be treasuring it for our next generations. The yogic exercises practiced by our sages gave us the tradition to lead quality lifestyle.

The Green Economic zones in the world- the comparative statistics aside-a look at the data reveals that an environmental disaster is looming in India. Given the country’s dependence on agriculture, climate change spells doom for India especially when the risks involve crop failure and rising sea levels, an idea the government can pursue would be shifting focus from Special Economic Zones to Green Economic Zones, where CLEAN technology can be used to empower people. This would achieve the twin objectives of indigenous welfare and development compatibility with nature.

Our Mother Earth is groaning in pain for being vandalised in all areas of mining of metals, minerals, fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas. There is only exploitation all around which makes me sing:

“We are but an island in an ocean;
This is our home, third from the sun.
Let it be evergreen.
To keep it ever green,
I would lay my life down.
God, keep it evergreen.”
–”The Earth Anthem” by The Turtles

Deepshikha Minz

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