East meets westPicture this: the mother of a teenaged-boy is praying that her son gets his student visa, whilst the father’s walking around the room – anxiety levels soaring. The son enters jumping with joy, excited. You think he’s got his visa; but hey, he hasn’t! Therein lies the message… India is where the future lies. The UAE based GMR group has come out with a slew of interesting advertisements, marking its entry into India for the Commonwealth games in 2010, and prior to its IPO (currently delayed). Another ad of the group shows a Chinese family trying to figure out the nitty-gritty’s of cricket. Yet another shows these foreigners sitting at a sauna, only to prepare themselves for India’s tropical climate! I reiterate the tagline of the ad – It’s time to get ready for India.India shed its inhibitions and opened up to the world in 1991, thereby embarking upon its journey of globalization. This journey continues, but today, we seem to be witnessing its second lap. Enough of understanding and adapting to the west; its time now for the reverse! In one of his interviews, Shahrukh Khan questioned why Indians are obsessed with going to the Oscars, suggesting that the Oscars should be brought to India – perhaps we could host them at the Ram-Lila ground! Though exaggerated, his statement makes some sense. Looking at the current scenario of the film industry, no one cares about making a transition from Bollywood to Hollywood anymore. On the contrary, we have 20th Century Fox and Sony investing big bucks in Indian movies – and, like in the case of ‘Saawariya’, produced by Sony Motion Pictures, it failed to live up to the competition provided by Red Chillies Entertainment’s Om Shanti Om. Ratan Tata stirred a coup of sorts by launching the Nano. Not so long ago, the Tata Group seemed to be in a slumber stemming from the unforeseen competition post the New Economic Policy (1991). Today, Indian companies have grown. Manufacturers all over the world are looking to the Nano for inspiration! We have Arcelor succumbing and giving in to the power of the Mittals, and then there’s a similar story for Corus and Tata. But these are well discussed and debated examples.And it doesn’t end at manufacturers! The Laloo Prasad Yadavs of India give their global-gyaan to students and professors at Harvard! This new form of globalization also gives India enough power to get a Nuclear Deal in its favour, from the Americans (!), and to still keep the Americans waiting for a nod of approval, and implementation.India has sure come a long way from being classified as a ‘developing’ country to a country which the world is watching. The coming months will only spring up more surprises. On that note, “Balle Balle Amritsar to LA!!!!”Rohan Sandhu