Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Keep Fit

Keeping fit is a task that every person in this world should do, irrespective of age, sex or race. Keeping fit doesn’t mean only to be thin. It has to do with the body, mind and soul. Hereunder are a few ways in which you can be fit and healthy without shelling out a lot from your pockets!

1. Make chores fun: These are the easiest and the cheapest ways to stay fit and keep those joints oiled. Clean your room, wipe the kitchen counter, make your bed. Keep in mind that any movement is exercise. While wiping the table or the counter deliberately move your arms in clockwise and anti clockwise direction, while cleaning your room bend down to pick up stuff from the floor without bending your knees. While cleaning the fan stretch your neck to lose that double chin. Put on music while dusting the house and jiggle that butt along, this way you will be killing two birds with a stone!

2. Eat!: Eating plays a very important role in keeping fit. Do NOT skip any meal, especially breakfast. Have more roughage like leafy vegetables and fruits with pulp so that your digestive system is clear. If you let yourself starve, then you will be eating more later. On the other hand eat slowly and chew a lot, your body feels that it has eaten enough so you eat less. Never eat an incomplete meal i.e., your meal should have all three food groups, carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins.

3. Try something totally new: Exercising daily can be boring, so to break the monotony try out something new. Grab a friend and enrol in a belly dancing or hip hop class.  Join a boot camp for a week. Try out martial arts like Tai Chi. Nothing is impossible! Make time for yourself and your body. Go to the spa and get a body toning and firming massage.

4.Visit your Doctor: Even though it is scary, but going for regular checkups annually or bi annualy never hurt anyone. Your doctor will actually tell you about the physical state of your body. You can’t see your insides, but he can. Keeping a check on yourself will help you keep fit. Rather than ignoring the slight pain in your shoulder get it checked up, or it will eventually convert into a frozen shoulder that will bar you from working out and you will end up gaining weight.

5. Stay young at heart: Who said only children could hop skip and jump? Even you can! When you are bored and have pent up energy, just jump around the house! It will help you sweat and thus burn the fat up into energy. Get your skipping rope out and do a few sets of skips. Go out and cycle, it will tone your legs. And most important of all, stay happy.

6. Take a break:  Your body needs a 7 day rest every 6 weeks to help grow and heal muscles. That’s not possible for most of us, but pain or continual low energy could be a sign your body needs some R & R. Take at least 1 day off a week, and maybe a couple, but do always come back to it! After all, too much of a good thing tends to be bad.

Ridhu Bhatia

Image Source: [http://www.getallabout.com/health-tips.htm]