Educated (Ill)ites

garbage.jpgIndia is known as a leader in the IT industry …wow. India is known for its rich ancient culture…Wow. India is known for producing the richest man on this planet…Wow. (Polite applause)

We are such a talented lot; it is our right to get the best governance too. So, let us all throw garbage on the roads and check the potency of the Indian Government in cleaning up. Not only on roads but on roadsides, VIP areas and near VIP buildings as well. Let us give an opportunity to our honourable Government to utilise its resources fully and prove to the Indians that they are capable of cleaning the garbage from the roads. Let us check how well it manages the land pollution.

Having garbage on our person is something that is a shameful act for us – the educated elites. Our government has given us the right to freedom so we must feel free in our expression. If we feel disgraced, if we feel let down, we have the full right to protect our rights and change what does not fit into our scheme of convenience.

If you think it that way, then mind it, shame on you. Our culture is the richest culture in the world. Our IT professionals hold the ‘A Class’ status across the globe. While on one hand we talk about going Wi-Fi, on the other, we fail to inculcate basic values of cleanliness and hygiene which are inherent in our culture. We believe in working for MNCs; but we don’t conform to the international standards. This not only reflects in our work, but also our lifestyle which includes simple things like how to behave while walking on the road. We hold our noses when we see the garbage; but do we care to differentiate between biodegradables and non-biodegradables? We talk of food security but what about our responsibility towards the society? We talk of technology-the underground metros, high capacity vehicles; but will they transform a landscape filled with waste? Would it not make the irony more striking? We see people cleaning up roads during a religious festival but this is limited to that time only. Why does our pride not hold us back then, is it because suddenly clearing the litter becomes a service to God? What about our service towards the nation? Open your eyes and see. The world is hurtling forward at a roaring speed and we must do something in order to protect our own ethics. I have made a New Year resolution to not throw garbage on the roads. But do we really have to wait for a new year to help ourselves? Every day is a new morning. Have a new day resolution for life – you willll not throw garbage on the road. It is time to buck up our belts and pull up our socks because there is a lot to do. Let us prove to those in the First World Countries that we Indians have our own class and that our pride in ourselves is not misplaced. The way we are and the way we live should be enough reason for us to stand tall with our collars up.

Sanjay Kataria