Education System

Last night I was busy, talking to a close friend of mine. There were a few social issues that kept us busy. One of them was the higher education system in India. The question was “Is this what we need?”

I mean just have a look at the system. The student base of India who wants to pursue undergraduate courses is more than 50,00,000 a year. The intake of the government funded institutions is much less than this amount, in any discipline. As a result, higher education has become a white collar business, having said that dealings under the table are most welcome.

The basic reason for this breakdown in the education system of the country is the government itself. The education ministry varies from state to state, as a result of which the money spent on education also varies from state to state. There are no regulatory bodies to regulate private institutions, and self proclaimed universities. The cost of education at these institutes is too high, but the complete authority lies with the management only. The money paid by the students as fees to the institutes not always contributes to their growth. The fees that are paid goes to the managing or governing body. And then no one has the right to question the authorities. The money that you pay as your tuition fees, might have been dissolved somewhere else. This diversion of funds of students gives rise to decay in the quality of education. That’s because, the money for your education was spent by the authorities in their next educational entrepreneurship venture. As Indians, we dare not to speak a word against this. Our numbness gives a chance to every other person.

Education is the only support that can transform India to a developed country from this developing one. And if this is also tampered then, I don’t think we Indians can enrich our life. A regulatory committee should be present to monitor the activities of all the institutions and universities. Apart from that students should also participate in the regulatory committee keeping in mind that no voice dies unheard. So as a student raise your voice and speak it loud and clear.

Soumya Pratihari

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