Eeshan Kant Upadhyaya Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

My Dear PM ji,

Why are you doing this? I heard a lot about you, whenever I think wrong about you that you are corrupted or something else someone older than me tell that you are a good person, you are highly educated. But the things which are going on in your country in your rule, I don’t think you are capable enough to cope up with the situation the country is going through. Are you really aware that if this condition keeps going for the next 1-2 years then civil war or something like what happened with Gaddafi might happen in your country with some dirty mouthed people.

I am not saying that it’s my country because now you and your party have made me to think this way and has made me to leave this country and do a job somewhere else no matter if its Africa or America of even Afghanistan.

Do you know that in Arab countries especially in Saudi Arabia, criminals are scared of doing any such crime because if they do they will be hanged in front of the people. Why can’t this happen in your country.

Autowallahs ask for ulta-sidha fare from us even sometime double the rate of metre and they are not even afraid of any superior authority. Why?

My father’s school management is so chilled out even they got the order of implementing sixth pay commission. They say these kinds of petitions can’t force them to do so. They are not afraid. They lost the case in the high court even then they are ready to harass school teachers and doing bad practices with teachers. Why?

Go to any vendor he won’t give you the product on its MRP except departmental stores and restaurants. Restaurants give products on MRP with higher rates printed on them. But vendors… why do this when MRP itself means inclusive of all taxes? Why is there no fear of a superior authority in our country?

We even have RTI but still government officials or private both take RTI as a normal thing specially the government… Why?

Can’t we make some strict rule when it comes to this? Yeah I know that you can’t do everything alone. You want support from your citizens and other members too. But ask your heart this, is everything going on a right path in your country? Is it??

Why is the youth of your country filled up with so much anger? They are totally against corruption and the politicians. Why does the youth of your country now believe in fasting Dharna Pradarshan Rallies at India Gate and other places? Why?

Have you ever tried to solve these issues? For the betterment of your country you should do something for your country, for the youth of India. I am not talking about building up number of engineering institutes all over and boasting about Indian literacy statistics. Literacy does not bring jobs. Literacy only brings awareness and eligibility to get frustrated in life of not getting good job where he/she can work properly without worrying about salary.

Sir, even getting a government job is not an easy task. Not exam-wise but more than half percent gone into some reservation and then under table payments. Even in teaching also the government has now made contractual jobs. Taking youngsters on contractual basis as teachers not for a year but for only 11 months giving only 15,000 bucks (actually 12,000 bucks). Remaining 3000 goes into some taxes and then making senior teachers happy so that they promote him to permanent teacher…

If you say there’s is one more wing for the youth, “Youth Congress”, sir are you really aware that in the name of Youth Congress some real hooligans are out there. It gives such tempting offers that one can’t avoid giving nice money, tag, then a big support that he can create any trouble and to support him Youth Congress members are there. And these members drive so rash on the roads that you can’t ever imagine. Looks like they own this road or they are warming up for some Formula 1 race and when some cop interferes, then what? Nothing. Why?

Youth Congress is only a wing for youth to make them criminal and giving them training to speak in Lok Sabha.

Sir, Chanakya said something in his times that “if you want to destroy one country’s legacy, aim for the youth of that country and from the root level destroy them” this is what is going on in your country.

Sir if you are so educated so why all this going on in my country?

You spent crores of money on Kasab. Even the youth now believe that it’s not possible. Your party might have sold them to other hands. Or if it’s real then it’s only for votes. Why are you making our mind to think that way?

Concentrating only on one state, Gujarat, so that you win that state, you are spending crores of money for that campaign. I am from Delhi but even anyone who is from Assam might have seen that advertisement.

Why you are so eager to win that state where there is less crime rate and higher job rate?

Sir, till now I haven’t said anything about price inflation and wrote so much, asked so much.

For price inflation it’s like you have the Brahmastra weapon. Whenever opposition points a finger on you, your party raises the petrol rates. Really you just have to push a little on petrol rates and automatically each and every citizen’s budget gets effected…!

Sir, please do something for the betterment of the country. In the last 4 years I only saw huge difference in sugar rates. It was 21/ kg, now it’s around 50/kg. Small Amul butter was 14 rupees and now it’s around 30.

Sir even the poorest of poor person in India spends at least more than 32 bucks. One guthka also costs 3-4 bucks.

I have so much to say sir. From small toilets to big issues. So much to curse about Sir! From small issues to big scams. But I have so much to do sir, from earning a small meal to big dreams.

This what my country’s youth thinks and that’s why we don’t dare to enter into politics. Rather we try to go in MNCs, or abroad, where at least they give us good money. And yes they do also respect the talent.

On behalf of the youth of India, I bow down in front of you. I won’t mind touching your feet but just do something for the country so that we take you as one of the good prime ministers of India at least rather than saying the mute prime minister of India.

Eeshan Kant Upadhyaya
Visualizer and Photographer

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.