Elections 2008

Imagine waking up to the morning newspaper that says, “… US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister of India Mayawati met…” Being fairly apolitical, it was not in my interest as to which political party comes to power; neither do I support a specific organization. But as the elections draw nearer, one can’t help wondering what uncontrollable power and dirty politics can do. The UPA has accomplished much indeed, in its last term. A particular move that appealed to me was exempting the single girl child from the cost of primary and secondary education. With the gender ratio dipping lower due to backward mindsets of the citizens of ‘modern’ India, such a policy is of utmost importance and relevance in the society.

With the state of politics being like it has been for the past year, with North Indians being ostracized in the West and the BJP having disturbing links with the Malegaon blasts, one can only fathom how Vision India will turn into a nightmare with one wrong decision.

Here, the youth comes to the forefront. The popular tea advertorial that shows the youth encouraging one another is relevant in this context. Out of the thousands of under-25 year olds citizens of our country, an alarmingly few percentage, has the initiative to get their voter ID cards made, or even if they have them already, they are too indecisive. Though the blame cannot go to them completely for this dilemma, it is steadily being realized that voting is a national responsibility. An Indian Obama is not imminent in the present scenario, but the future is not entirely hopeless.

‘Cannot afford to stop progress’ has been Congress’ motto. It is true that every government is not perfect, neither is it possible for it to cater to the all the needs of the public, but the consistent efforts that have been made and have shown results, including the 2006 market boom seen in India, under the guidance of finance minister Chidambaram. It is arguable that the pros outweigh the cons and vice versa, but would you, as a citizen of India, rather have criminals as the leaders of our country? What kind of progress can our country make if it is led by uneducated citizens, who lack a will for bringing the country to the top, and dwell in self indulgence? Can you believe what will happen if petty thugs create havoc in our daily lives because we chose to go against what is right, or what is just, only because it is antagonistic to the personal likes and dislikes of politicians? Can you imagine what will happen if the intelligentsia of the country is silenced?

This would be a disaster for the world’s largest democracy. In such a situation, it is not wise to preach for a youth government, because the youth that shows interest is subdued, and the youth that tries to come up, like Rahul Gandhi, are still unimpressive or learning the tricks of the trade. It is only our decision that will determine our future, so being thinking, conscious and educated citizens of today and the generation of tomorrow, it is in our hands that the reins of the country lie, and it is up to us to bring India where it truly belongs- to the top.
Ahana Dutta

[Image source:http://www.forumfed.org/en/products/magazine/vol7_num1/images/india_caj2.jpg]