Electric Bug Zappers

“Here a bug, there a bug, everywhere a bug, bug, bug, bug..”

Believe it or not I’ve actually heard my old house-maid sing songs like these whenever she’d be enthusiastically swatting bugs in the house. Watching an old lady sing and kill multiple legged creatures can be entertaining in the beginning but then later on it actually starts to “bug” you. So one day, getting annoyed with the over enthusiastic old woman, I decided to invest in electric bug zappers. Believe it or not the electric bug zappers out performed the old lady.

Electric bug zappers are important for the households that are often held under siege by insect attacks. Electric bug zappers are an effective and affordable method to save yourself from the insect menace in your house. You can save your family from the growing terror of insect infestation by investing in electric bug zappers like I did. Electric bug zappers are compact and highly effective. They are even cheap and some of them come in really interesting designs and shapes. Insects are actually like guerilla warfare soldiers. They can attack by land, water and air. They will capture your ration supplies and chew down your clothes. They’ll sting you and leave you infected and affect your health. To get rid of these tiny little mercenaries we need to get more power, primitive use of slippers and rolled newspapers are really not that useful anymore. We need something more effective, something more advanced. We need electric bug zappers. There are more insects in this planet by weight than there are humans. We are grossly out numbered and in this war of survival we need electric bug zappers. Lets save ourselves and our families, let us show them that we care, let us invest in electric bug zappers today and rid ourselves from the ever growing terror of harmful insects and bugs.