Electric Fly Traps

Getting rid of those disgusting and irritating flies in your house has never been easier. With the introduction of electric fly traps for commercial as well as your personal use, flies have become the last thing to worry about. Electric fly traps act as a magnet for the flies where the flies automatically get attracted to the electric fly traps and are instantly killed by passing high electric pulse through them. Their death seems happen instantaneously, hence speaking on humanitarian terms, does not prolong the pain for too long.

Initially the electric fly traps were meant only for commercial purposes such as offices and restaurants. However, slowly as the demand for electric fly traps increased, a lot of houses started using the electric fly traps for their personal uses. This saved them from running around the house with a rubber squatter trying to kill flies but used to either end up breaking something of hitting some one else with it. Electric fly traps have become a boon of sorts for cooks and restaurant owners who don’t have to be disgusted about flies sitting on the food or creating a bad impression on their customers. The electric fly traps have allowed the office people to work in peace without having those super flies humming around their ears.

There are various kinds of electric fly traps. Some of them have electric tubes which attract the flies and then eliminate them, while some of the electric fly traps send out electric fly trap ultraviolet light or electro magnetic rays which are modulated in a way that the flies automatically get eliminated. The ultraviolet light gives out by the fly killer tubes do not harm any human being. There is also an availability of electric fly squatter in which a portable racquet shaped electric trap can be used to kill a fly wherever it might be in the room.