Electric Mosquito Killer

Electric mosquito killer is a boon for the every house hold where people are just sick of having to wake up every 10 minutes during their sleep because of a mosquito singing into their ears of them feasting on your blood. An electric mosquito killer is extremely efficient and unlike the mat technology of the coils used to kill mosquitoes, they don’t give out any odor. The electric mosquito killer saves the children from getting hurt while because of touching the burning tip of the coil of getting a shock because of the mosquito coil burners. An electric mosquito killer can kill mosquitoes upto a range of 100 ft radius. Hence, one electric mosquito killer can be used over a huge area but has to be made sure that there are no factors canceling the effect of the electric mosquito killer such as wind, walls etc. An electric mosquito killer automatically attracts the mosquitoes and instantly eliminates them. The electric mosquito killer also comes with a feature in which a certain odor is released into the air which is unnoticeable to humans. This odor blocks the odor coming from the humans and hence does not lead the mosquitoes to that distinct smell coming from humans. There are various types of electric mosquito killer(s) are which have been discussed below:

1. Heat based electric mosquito killer- Most of the mosquitoes and other bugs get attracted towards heat. Hence these electric mosquito killer give out heat radiations to attract the insects towards them and hence eliminates them.

2. Carbon Dioxide based electric mosquito killer – Mosquitoes also get attracted towards carbon dioxide which affects them in some ways and hence kills them.

3. Electric mosquito swatter- A hand held electronic device which once taken closest to the mosquito automatically gets attracted to it and dies.

Misting is said to be the best mosquito killer. It is better than using pesticides as it does not harm humans, pets or plants. There are various electric mosquito killer manufacturers which regularly keep selling their updated products online as well as in the stores.