Electronic Fly Killer

Electronic fly killer has redefined the way flies are killed using glue mats or other different things and then later eliminated. The previous fly traps had a lot of sticky substance with a hint of a specific type of chemical which the flies used to get attracted to. The moment they would sit on it, they would get stuck to the fly trap and die there only. The electronic fly killer in the form of the electric fly trap works on almost the same principle except for the fact that they also use light which is a major source of attraction for flies, mosquitoes and other related bugs and insects. The electronic fly killer, as the name suggests works only when there is a source of electricity which activates the electric fly trap. This electronic fly killer along with giving out a specific scent for the flies and insects to get attracted to also has a high beam light which is the most favorable source for flies. The moment the flies sit on the electronic fly killer, they are glued down to the plate and starve to death there only. Some of the electronic fly killer also features a slight electric current which is passed on to the electronic fly killer board. This makes the elimination of the flies and insects faster and less painful. The moment the electronic fly killer is switched off, the dead flies are collected in a tray attached to the electronic fly killer and can be disposed off easily. Some of these fly killer lamps also use ultraviolet light to attract and kill the flies.

This electronic fly killer is one of the best devices for trapping flies, mosquitoes and other insects. The latest electronic fly killer is mainly made out of stainless steel and is beautifully designed so that along with the utility factor, it also adds to the d├ęcor of the room. They electronic fly killer is extremely efficient and is widely used in offices, restaurants, home etc. This electric fly catcher, other than working as an electric fly paper, can also be used as study lamps due to their high intensity light.