Electronic Hearing Protection

Electronic hearing protection aids have revolutionized the way shooters, hunters and heavy machinery factory workers operate. One can easily hear the surroundings by wearing these aids, but the moment these smart devices come across an unwanted and unsafe sound, the device clips off and blocks the sound thereby protecting your ears from heavy damage. Electronic hearing protection sets new levels of reduced noise levels, comfort, usability, and noise compression.

Electronic hearing protection aids work on the technology of peak clipping and compression. Peak clipping can also be termed as modulation where the device detects the wavelength of the incoming sound and clips off the electronic protection aid at the peak points of the sound wave.

The other technology which the electronic hearing protection aids work on is the compression technology. In compression technology, the device discards the loud noises and enables the human ear to detect only the normal, low frequency sounds without disrupting the quality. The unwanted sounds are either heavily muffled or are completely eliminated.

Electronic hearing protection aids can also be replaced by ear plugs and ear muffs, but they won’t give the same protection as what the electronic aids can give you. The benefit of using electronic hearing protection aids for shooters and other such users is that the electronics and the technology used allows them to hear the surroundings without having to hear the blatant noises which might damage their hearing ability. Electronic hearing protection aids are made depending on the Noise Reduction Rate (NRR) levels desired by the buyers. The standard range of NRR is 19 decibels to 31 decibels while it can go up to 24 decibels to 31 decibels for people shooting indoors or are handling heavy machinery at close proximities.

There are many eminent companies which designs electronic hearing protection aids such as Walkers, ProEars, Peltor etc which are completely dedicated to designing hearing protection aids.