Elkay Water Coolers

When you look back to the years in school you will fondly recollect the countless minutes you spent around the water cooler making plans and discussing pertinent life issues with your friends. Water coolers for years have been an important part of people’s lives. It made access to cold and safe drinking water easy anytime one wanted it. It was there after a game or after a gruelling chemistry class or just when the cutest girl in school decided to take her water break.

Elkay water coolers have been around for generations and in their special way have touched many lives and families. The coolers have evolved over the years and today in their eco friendly avatar they are indeed the preferred choice for people who are looking for style, affordability and convenience from their water coolers.

It is the superior technology and the environmentally friendly design that makes Elkay water coolers a highly sort after choice. Elkay water coolers are also known for their energy efficiency standards, a cooler from the house of Elkay can help you conserve more than 50% energy as compared to other models in the market. The body of the cooler is made from 60% recycled stainless steal and has not a single coat of pain or any other coating. This process has been omitted to ensure that no emissions of Volatile Organic Compound take place.

Elkay water coolers utilize a low blubber, which ensures that customers enjoy a smooth flow of water for a long, long time. Elkay water coolers were made to last. With the stainless steal body and exceptional features you can make sure that when you decide to purchase an a water cooler from Elkay, it is going to last you for life.

However, before you decide to get the Elkay water coolers advantage by your side make sure you look up for the various models that are available. All of them offer longevity, superior performance and of course safe and cold drinking water as and when you want it.