Emma Watson For Turkish Women


Even as battles of feminism ensue around the world, the chronicles of yet another sexist comment by a Turkish politician is doing the rounds. “Women shouldn’t laugh in public,” he says. The rules have been laid down. You better calculate your steps and work according to the misogynists.

The femme fatales have shown that such critiques will not pass them by as just another rule that is to guide women. Women all over the world have waged war. Over 15,000 tweets rocked the social media platform, sporting the hashtag #DirenKahkaha meaning “Resist Laugh” accompanied by pictures of them giggling in public. Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson too joined the rebellion with a tweet of her own.

Even a century after the onslaught of feminist movements in the world, women still face disparity in every nook and cranny across the globe. It’s a tragedy if your dupatta is askew, a travesty if your legs show.

Why pray, has the world come to a standstill whereby we must manacle our woman so disastrously that every movement they make is judged on a scale of “appropriateness”? Who are they to define what I may or may not do? I to, want to be free. Free to chose what I wear and not be ogled. Free to talk and laugh without worrying about notions of “acceptable etiquette”. Free to go out at night and not have to turn a deaf ear to the neighbours’ gossip.

If we truly wish to equalize women, just an extra seat in the metro won’t suffice. We need liberate them in our minds. Not judge, not cage, but set them free.

Arushi Walecha

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