Emotions turn Emoticons: Technology takes a Leap

Its true in today’s world that emotions have turned to emoticons. Everything is so digital and yes, so virtual. Whether it be an expression, a feeling or a b’day wish it’s all done using messengers, social networking sites or text messages.

We remember birthdays because of facebook, we need a blackberry to interact with our friends all over the world and we need an internet connection, so that we can visit our facebook page once a day. We send our condolences with the help of sad or crying smileys, congratulations or wishes using the hug smileys and love through the heart-struck smiley.

We sleep with our mobile phone under our pillow and check it thrice in the middle of our sleep. We call ourselves the blackberry generation, where each member of the family also communicates through blackberry messenger and emoticons. Publicity of what we are doing at the moment happens through constant status updates on BBM, facebook, tweets and Google+. Showing off about ones location happens through various Check-inns of place and location along with sharing photographs.

Shopping is done through e-commerce portals and gifts are sent through online gifting sites or couriers. We skype with our family and friends abroad and it makes up for meeting up or catching up with them. Even if a person doesn’t have time for friends or family, or does not like to have people around he or she will definitely have an ipod, an ipad, a laptop, a blackberry and a car cum USB charger.

Well, all this simply means we have chosen convenience over convention and living the easy life now. All this is not just, what we call “socializing” or networking, rather an addiction. We are losing human touch; connect with one another and our memory.

Tanvi Gupta