Employability Through Soft Skills

Employability denotes a person ability to gain employment and maintain the relevance to be employed.

  • Skill and traits that the job aspirants possess.
  • Ability and opportunity to apply these traits on the available assignment
  • Ability to project these qualities to the customers.

“To be employed is to be at risk, to be employable is to be secure”- Peter Hawkins 1999.

Gone are the days when excellence in studies alone was considered enough for a person to succeed in a carrier. In the changed scenario of global competition and entry of multinational in various sectors, presentation and communication skills which are directly related to individual personality have assumed greater significance.

Today there is a boon in the count of graduate and post-graduate crossing the boundary of college and entering into the corporate world. They all opt for the course primarily by getting influenced by its scope of growth and secondly driven by their interest. However very few of them can actually land into the job, which suits them or their interest. This is so because the students in the college life don’t take other factors seriously like the development of non technical or soft skills, besides their technical growth. Today what matters more for an employer is how a person present himself, his company or firm, how he faces the difficulty arising in his work and how actually his role is in a team. These skills can’t be developed in a day or two but require constant effort for which college is a good opportunity. The employer want employee to have self confidence. He must be alert, intelligent, well mannered and cooperative. He must possess some technical knowledge, be willing to learn new task and maintain a positive attitude. He should dress properly and be well groomed. Finally the most importantly, today’s employee should develop and maintain a willingness to become involve in the company entire functioning. The employability skills can be fragmented into Functional skills, which require employee to be active in presentation and communication and adaptive skills, which require employee to be get adapted quickly and effectively, to the working strategy of the fir.

Effective communication and interpersonal skills are crucial to increase employment opportunity and to compete successfully in the business environment. The real key to effectiveness of professionals is their ability to put their domain knowledge into effective practice.

Soft skills provide professionals with a strong conceptual and framework to built, develop and manage teams. They play and important role in the developments of nonce’s overall personality, there by enhancing its carrier prospects.

Soft skills are people skills. The best part of mastering them is that the applications of these skills are not limited to one’s profession but their scope reaches all aspects of life. Technical skills may teach how met the expectation of the job, but soft skills teaches how to succeed, and to exceed expectations. It is surprising that we spend our time almost exclusively in technical skills.

Soft skills open many doors of opportunity. It enables a person to develop confidence in variety of settings. Situation, people and circumstances don’t. Soft skills create positive impact on others who observes you, command respects because your conduct and quality are admired, it develops leadership quality in an individual, and it boosts your carrier. With scores of people vying for top position in organization everywhere, the person who eventually makes it to the top is one who has an edge over other in term of strong and favorable personality.

Ingredients that go into making of personality:

Style: – each of us has our own distinctive style.

Poise: – this is how you react to the situation.

Posture: – this is about how you hold yourself.

Deportment-: it about carriage.

Manners: – polite behaviors to one and all, regardless of age, gender, caste, creed.

Etiquette-is consideration for others.

Communication skill:-is a two way process of listening and speaking.

Health: – a healthy person in mind and body is able to exude a favorable personality.

Social skills: – involves the art of getting along with people.

Critical essential skills required by students

COMMUNICATION-: taking part in discussions, producing, reading and responding to written material and being able to use images.

INFORMATON TECHNOLOGY:-prepare, process, and present information and the ability to evaluate the use of information technology.

WORKING WITH OTHER IN TEAM:-identify collective goal and responsibility and work toward achieving them.

ORGANIZATIONAL AND PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS: – improving performance by identifying personal goals, plan, and implement strategies to achieve them.

PROBLEM SOLVING: – critically and creatively solve problem by selecting procedure to clarify problems.

APPLICATIONS OF NUMBERS: – collect, record, interpret and present data and ability to use correct methods to solve the problems.

“ There is one quality that one must possess to win, and one that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one want, and the burning desire to possess it”- Napolean Hill.

Nilaya Mitash Shankar